Wedding Photography Weekend

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Wedding Day Marketing


Wedding Photography Weekend

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Wedding Day Marketing


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Wedding Day Marketing

so we need we need to remember that every single moment at a wedding we're marketing marketing isn't handing out a business card necessarily lifestyle it's good clothes marketing is a lifestyle it is teachers or marketing in their students as their teaching we're marketing to you guys as we speak you guys are marketing to me and making me feel a certain way and whether I whether I want to buy into what you're selling or not and whether that's friendship or life or product whatever maybe so you're when you're at a wedding you're selling you know you're on it's time to make sure that you're creating a dynamic experience for everyone you come in contact and I mentioned this yesterday you know we need a dress for the job that we want not necessarily the job that we have so you know as we're starting out like shooting weddings when we were starting out we were still dressed in sharp so dressing very professional because we knew that other people were going to be there who would want our ser...

vices and we needed a look great so the biggest thing that we keep in mind we're at weddings is what is our body link which saying you know ninety percent of effective communication is nonverbal so what is me sitting like this communicate welcome group look excited to be here like no I'm like up I'm excited and same thing you know on my word at the end of the day and the reception's going on and your back is aching and your feet are sore and you're like I just want some of those meatballs over there and you're just exhausted and instead of like sitting at the side of the room just kind of like this were standing up there looking engage we're looking excited and you know that you've been doing a great job when people come up and you're like oh my gosh you're the best photographer wherever you're amazing and you say you haven't even seen any of the images yet like you have no idea like they could suck for all you know you know I could have not taken one picture today but they're saying that of course based on how they feel about you they felt like you did an amazing job therefore you did an amazing job if you deliver sub quality photos they're going to think this photo's air better based on the experience they've had with you and many people could probably say this you are so excited about a product you bought it wasn't as good as you thought but you want it to be good you keep trying to figure out howto make it good even though it stinks because the way you felt about it is dictating the quality of your question do you ever take like five minutes and go have that time somewhere like a bathroom stall or something I know I been there some of the weddings I was shot like I just need a few minutes and you don't want anyone to see it but it's your time yeah you take what for yourself a lot it's great because we have both of us so we can tag team sometimes we'll have a vendor room and if it's just you oftentimes I'll tell the deejay you know you can tell the deejay until the planner hey I'm going to the restroom or I'm going to be in this room I just need a minute please come and get me if anything's happening so then you're not like stress in there while you're trying to get your quiet time you know like I'm missing something you kind of you know what's happening and you can get that moment so definitely don't be afraid to pull away for a few seconds and even having an assistant around handing your camera say point it that way if something happens you know and just go to back in minutes because you've got to be you've got to take care of yourself for sure um okay so moving along um the next part of the day which is really important for us of course we're talking about marketing at the wedding by creating an experience and we want way always say this give people a reason to talk about you and then a tool and make sure that tool is easy you want them to be able to go oh yeah zach and jodi here's how you access and it's that easy for them to sell you it's you know that's a sales and marketing technique is making sure that somebody is trying to resell you knows how to do it you give him the words to speak you show them where to go to show them howto share your name on facebook or whatever it may be so jody and I do slide shows at weddings this has been talked about for forever and every time johnny and I go somewhere we ask the crowd who's doing it at every wedding and hardly anybody ever raises their hand or a few people did it twice it didn't nothing happened and they quit doing it jony ive been doing slide shows at weddings for the last almost five years now at every single wedding just about that we've ever done and ascension it's been a huge return yeah and what it is it's you our people have seen the experience by you moving around and now you actually given the opportunity to see the result to see the images right at the wedding so this is how we do that realistically on what you're looking at here this picture looking at is the exactly the result we want you're looking at the bride and groom and some of the parents and close family members looking at the slideshow and look at their faces they're experiencing the images and emotions are coming out of them as they see the photos these people are now going to become your biggest fan because we again we don't tell our clients we're going to do this we just say hey we're excited short for the wedding day and then during dinner when they're stuffing their faces and nobody wants their picture taken we spent twenty minutes we put together this little slide show we put it up on a little table we hit play and although some people go is that from today I'm like yes no that was a bride walking down the aisle a week ago I guess it's from today um it's awesome you know it's really really really cool so this is this is basically how we do it because I know there's gonna probably be questions who shoot raw plus small j peg and of course you know we learned the last two days how we really work hard to shoot in camera if you're still working on that term black and white doesn't matter we take the small j pegs we download him right here on this laptop sit right in front of me small little fifteen inch laptop cost a couple of hundred bucks if gets broken who cares doesn't even matter if the screen qualities that create it does not matter we download a really quick important middle light room because life is awesome we scanned through what I pick fifteen twenty thirty however however many images you want to grab a content driven images the bride walking down the aisle the groom the bride and groom laughing together those kind of memorable images that are not about quality and style so much but more about the content of the day the story of the day and we do like to throw in a little shop or two there you know like of the girls when they eat that up you know content first focus important and then um we'll even perhaps a few details like the cake or them cutting the cake if we grab that and then they went to dinner um so we do a quick edit on those if you need to turn a black and white or you know do a little color adjustment or something but don't worry about the composition or if the skies blown out they're going to look at the faces that's what the clients care about they don't care about that quality unless they're photographers watch out and then I simply hit play I put the slide your toe one second transition and I hit play right in late room right in light room because light room has a slideshow future and I set it up in a high traffic area were kind of scanning the room and seeing where people going in and out the most and usually that the bar is a great place does a lot of people are going you know to and from the bars we put it up there and david j uh I heard about this from originally he said put it out by the bar because as the night goes on your images look better pump I love that joke um so you put it up and in one of the slides that's already pre built we have a little folder that says wedding slide shows and in one of the images that's already in there is this slide that says grab a card below this is called a call to action you're saying do something client I'm marketing to you do something you don't want to hand out your business card because that's solicitation at a wedding a lot of the target is a little tacky but instead we say grab a card below and here's the benefit to you you get to know where the pictures are and you will get the scene once they're online and here's what they grab an engagement photo of the bribing room this is a two by three print that we get made a costco cost me ten cents a print for a little two by three and it says to view images from sonny and eva's wedding visit our website and here's you know here's the things to do here is your benefits and you get a keepsake to take home with you to hang on your fridge and any time you think about the wedding you can look at that and go yeah those photos were pretty awesome too so now they get a keepsake they want to take it we make forty or fifty of these and usually for your fifty get taken and uh we also put it the bottom notices available for travel worldwide because we've been it weddings and people go oh I love to have you in my wedding but we live in kentucky which is like three hours from us and we're like we can come to kentucky you're travis right you know whatever of course bartender or the wedding planner ahead of time what you're going to dio let's say if you haven't told them and you set it up to you ever having by gold that doesn't belong there you need to move it or it's an issue like way out one wedding um if there's a planet that's very detail oriented you want to run it by them like she likes to be in control of it she if she's in control make sure she knows because she could go that doesn't look like my centerpiece goes there or whatever we did one wedding one time where she was very specific and said it has to go right here okay totally fine um but then the other thing is once you put it up you don't want to tell people about it you want them to discover it because then there talking about it and talking about it to their friends instead of you going have you seen our awesome pictures because we want other people to want other people talking about us but to keep answering your question even more like when we go up to the bar will ask the bartender right there be like hey are you cool fetus move these bottles over and oftentimes they're like I'm not responsible things that and we're like don't worry you know like and so they're always cool their hired help they're like sure do what everyone you know so we throw it up there and people are like don't you afraid something might happen to it I'm like no because of the story I'm about to tell you way have other friends to that well bye ipads and they'll download them onto the ipad on the slide show no just handed to the crowd and then go here you go and they could just flip through because then people could touch it interact with it like what if they run off with it well what if I book a five thousand dollar wedding or five five thousand dollar weddings and somebody took one ipad in one of those weddings it was worth the investment but I promise you unless it's a tackiest way you know that locket you know you could put it in a slide show my locket and holden so yeah quick question and then I'm going to tell a story about slide shows go ahead the question is when when do you make time to do this when people are eating that's probably the most common tenet we'll do that one of us will kind of be on guard watching I'm like following the writing room around is there just saying hi to people and zach will be in a corner out of sight thank you eat yeah well I'll usually sitting in a corner somewhere out of the way and our assistant we always bring an assistant theirjob is at that point run and grab me a coke and up some bread or something I can munch on and I actually shouldn't eat in the car driving around with our snacks that we have and I'm just so fired up at a wedding it's like now I'm just never stopped sometimes will be like he's like you know I got to get this I got to get this done and I could help me do it in ten or fifteen minutes the great thing is if you have a one d s mark three or any kind of camera that shoots two cards you can shoot to that small micro sd card you just pull that one card out download all the small j pegs because that's all that's being shot to that card and then immediately import them in the lighter minutes it's pretty darn fast specialists that's why we did this small j pegs because they moved quickly you know the large raw files it takes forever and I don't want to move raw files around on my card until I get home and I'm on an expensive card reader you know want to put him in a junk e thinking risk losing room some of you may be thinking why we're pulling out fifteen photos twenty photos thirty photos there's no way I'm going to do that pull out too you know pull out five get something out there because this is so powerful one other great trick you can do if you want to save even more time is that while you're shooting and you think of it you know that protects feature all cameras have like you can go into an image of him protect and if you don't have to do that it's an option and what that does is it means that if you try to delete that photo it'll ask you twice if you want to delete that photo even if you downloaded onto a cf card it'll ask you onto a computer it'll ask you again it's a friend of mine does this she's shooting and because all this is an awesome shot protect all that's an awesome shot protect so then she downloads all the images and then hits delete just down was a small j pegs they're still on the cf cards don't know whatyou're cf cards they're all downloaded onto uh you know the computer and then she select someone hits the lead and it says well do you want to leave these protected ones you say no so it deletes everything except your favorites and then he just import those of the light would play and it's like super fast so a quick story about slide shows and the power of slide shows judy and I were shooting wedding I think in two thousand eight um awesome venue in nashville put up the slide show at the end of the day we're doing our thing we're schmoozing the crowd were having with everybody and interacting and put up the slide you on this girl hayley comes up to us and she goes I am not even engaged yet but when I do get engaged by calling you this was awesome you guys travel she's like do you guys travel I'm from alabama like yes she's like and I remember her get thinking I'll be back you know what sure just like when I get engaged now many a major five years you're gonna be thinking of zach and jodi highly doubt it so sure enough your later haley calls zach and jodi she goes hey it's haley and I was at that wedding shot and you did that slide shows so awesome house like you're thinking about us she's like I just got engaged a week ago she was so excited so excited lt's like I'm thinking all the things in my head as to why this is never gonna work prices have gone up you know the list goes on and she's like I gotta have you for my wedding day and I was like this is so cool she's like I don't know and I'm like so when's your wedding date so she tells us and I'm like I look at the counter and I'm like booked she saw your so bomb and she didn't bat an eye she wasn't like no she was like oh that's cool I'll just cancel with my venue and re book the day for a different day around her she's like twenty available I said the week before she goes okay done canceled my venue since I got off the phone with you send me a contract we're going about this and she changed her wedding date for us and I never thought we'd have one of those stories to tell you know you hear those from these other guitar but it was because of this marketing it wasn't because of any fancy we're not like the best photographer on the planet or something maybe some people think we are we're not you know we're not like jeremy cowart or something joey l you know but she felt that way because of the way we marketed to her such a powerful experience and it happened so short for her and it carried on for a year the cool thing was we did a tour with david j this summer she's now a photographer she came to the tour and she told the story to the entire crowd I'm like yeah I had to have a so cool and she was still excited but these two years after her what do you think that would have happened if we were at a bridal show and she had come up and was like hey my wedding's october tenth you available and we're like no do you think that she what I have said okay we'll change our wedding date no it's the power of this kind of marketing when they see the experience that it just it's amazing so how many questions on that before we moved to the next six shown after the wedding also had a question about uh well this not sure if you were talking about this but when you do go and travel uh several people have been asking do you charge much more or do you just charge for your expenses question currently on this this is our subject to change but currently we've just been charging whatever extra days because I know to fly the two of us out for a destination wedding we're talking two thousand dollars or more you know flies out put him in a hotel and fetus so we've always done just costs for it and we kind of spin it as like we're not going to charge you anything extra except for costs even though we're away from home longer we'll probably start doing that now but we do she about forty percent of our weddings have been out of state a couple years so yeah I was sad to realise I think the value of our time and we just we really do love being home and so sometimes out of state weddings do you take more out of us so we've thought about just charging next few but as of this point we haven't but it's really up to you but yes definitely cover all expenses all the questions all right so you have some uh no one would see so many they're like trying to keep up with we'll question that is from sequence five how do you interact with videographers and what do you check with them beforehand in terms of the process that good questions sometimes there can be definitely animosity between geographers and you haven't even met him yet but you're like oh there's a videographer about my shop so I think the best thing to do to really kind of keep that edge ofthis shoot them an email before and be like hey we're so excited you know and like we've built up a really great poor thank you um you know like with eugene and heather out of nashville some other videographers in nashville that we work with and um but even when we travel sometimes we have no idea who those people are so we're always making sure that we're communicating with them on a wedding day and we're approaching the moon in a way of like we're on the same team as opposed to we're working together will come up to them like right where you guys going to be for the ceremony and then they're like oh well we're going to be here is that okay you know and so then we kind of work around each other on a great approach two is always going hey what do you think the best set up first all capture the shotmaking amazing b for the couple and then weigh well if we were over here you're over there I'm like oh you know it would be even better that's great but I think if we were on there like yeah that's great and then I get exactly what I want anyway which was for me to stand there for them to stand over there you know whatever and then everybody gets the shot they were wanting um so just a lot of good communication and again using those dale carnegie techniques making people feel important that their decision is important that what they think matt hers and all the sudden you're best friends you know have shown up to weddings where we've never met someone before and by the end of the day they're just like man it was so much fun working with you guys and it's just because we made them feel like the most important person in the room

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Being a successful wedding photographer isn’t just about taking gorgeous shots, it’s about creating an incredible experience for your clients. If a bride feels great about the services you provide—from your first meeting to your wedding day demeanor to the final delivery of the album—then she’ll be a happy customer for life and recommend you to her vast network of friends and family.

Zach and Jody Gray not only produce beautiful photos, they take great pains to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is well planned and executed. In this weekend course that includes actual shoots of a bride and groom, Zach and Jody cover all the components of wedding photography, everything from marketing your business to finding the perfect lighting sources to posing your subjects to picking the best shots.

By describing their humble beginnings and explaining how their modest start-up grew into a thriving business with clients across the country, Zach and Jody will inspire you to pursue your own wedding photography dreams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong connection with your clients.

  • Identify the essential gear you’ll need for your shoots.

  • Use light rigs when natural light is unavailable.

  • Understand lighting ratios, strobe lighting, clamshell lighting and more.

  • Figure out which lenses to use for each part of the day.

  • Build up your network and attract more clients.

  • Market your business with your website, sales calls and word of mouth.

  • Review your images and find the best shots.