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Wholesale Marketing to Retailers

Lesson 5 of 11

Mailing List Resources

Katie Hunt

Wholesale Marketing to Retailers

Katie Hunt

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5. Mailing List Resources

Lesson Info

Mailing List Resources

So mailing list resource is a lot of people ask where should I capture this information? How should I how's it for ease of use there's a lot of different options out there technology that you can use these air a few the favorites within my boot camp community that are listed on the screen high rise and slightly potty is a relatively new one that sarah mcnally, one of our lem's recently brought up excuse me, but people are also just using their accounting software their quick books or an excel spreadsheet where they can sort of sift through things so you really need to find the system that works for you. Everyone handles this stuff in different ways and different things work for different people, so explore some of them and figure out what you're drawn to what you like and what might be the best fit for you and there's something you haven't also in your but bonus materials right the workbook you have some of that information in terms of resources for systems to track and mail and email ...

yeah, I have some email marketing services that people are using which will touch on a little bit later tio but the things that like what to capture in your mailing list is in here and how to prioritize your million list or one example rather of how to do that is included here but really this is I will, I just want to reaffirm that this mailing list is a huge piece of the puzzle, because once it's done, you're going to leverage it for direct mail pieces for email marketing campaigns, both e blasts, as well as personal emails that you're sending, and then, you know, if you're doing a trade show or something, you're also going to want to leverage it for that kind of outreach as well. So, you know, it is really the foundation of your marketing efforts, and I wanted to remind everyone we talked about the bonus materials just now, so that work book is available for you with purchasing the class, so if you buy, you get that great work book with re sources and other information for wholesale marketing that katie's put together, and it really is a great resource. Yeah, I want to take some questions about the mailing list process. I just threw a hold onto information at you about what to capture and how to keep it. So if there are questions about the mailing list, let's, go ahead and head to those now sort of techie question, but I know for retail when you're selling directly to consumers, if you want to build email lists a and you need their explicit, um, what's it called by in I didn't opt in, so and for this mailing list, I mean, I understand there's, lots of the snail mail and catalogs, and but how do you work with that? To put their email on a email list? There's, I'm gonna give you a legal answer, and then I'm also going to give you the answer that I have culminated from many years of talking to different retailers about their preferences. On this. The legal answer is you're not allowed to add anybody to your mailing list unless they do, in fact, opt in, and you really should be using some sort of email service provider like, you know, male chamber a weber, one of those to manage those because they'll help with the whole, like blacklisting and all those different things that I'm really not an expert in talking about. But but I do know for my own growing my own business that you know, those are the rules you're supposed to follow, however, and my politicians this's. But like all the retailers I've talked tio, they would most of them would prefer that you just add them to your mailing list instead of you picking up the phone and saying, hey, can I add you to my mailing list because they look at that as wasted time for that extra step, exactly that extra step. Or if you were to email them hey, I really like your story. Can I add, you know, my mailing list? Like it? Just it feels a little it's. An extra step. However we're supposed to do it for a lot of reasons. It protects them from getting spam. You never just want to spam anyone. Um, so, anyhow creating you had a comment let's get you like it's in r kelly. I'm just going to mention, in my experience around the mailing list a swell a through meeting at a trade show, for instance, you can also a za way of exchanging contact information. It's great to say hey, may have your business card to add you to my mailing list. It's, kind of a non intrusive way of doing that. And even, you know, after maybe in your terms and conditions, you can also state that, you know, we'll be adding new to the mailing list unless you choose to opt out. So there's some pretty easy workarounds that might feel little kosher if you are worried about that. Absolutely. And I have added that to to the bottom of my order form. Like, well, you know, it's kind of part of the terms and conditions, like as he placed orders, ah. But I agree if you're at a trade show in collecting cards like it's, just something that's kind of assumed too, but you should be explicit about it so that you're on the up and up with your legal side of things. So, um, yeah, and I know you talked a little bit about the system you use. Yes, but paper bannon press was wondering and there's been a lot of votes with this guy's shit. What system? To track your contacts in you specifically? And I think they just want more, more a little more guidance about that. When I was building this a bcd priority list, it was simply in excel, and that was so that I could tear it out on bond, sifted searched by that I am testing this patio program right now to see if it's something that I would like to use. And so far, I really liked it. But frankly, I've just been using excel. I I think I'd like to move to something more sophisticated, you know, that can help with with tracking and just managing more the content attacked manager meant because contact management, because right now on xl, I'm just typing notes in the notes column where some of these other systems really do sync up with your email and it can show you without you, manually inputting when last time you e mailed them, and so there's some really robust systems out there. But I think you need to focus on what your goals are with those systems. What's your objective. Do you want to be able to see when you last email them? Do you want to see if they opened it, you know, and male chimp in some of these others to over talking explicitly about email when you're doing a blast, they provide such great analytics for you to check that stuff out. So any blasts ideo about new product release? His promo is the more general needs that adds value to all of my retailers. I send that through male chimp, but with regards to keeping my mailing list contacts in my notes and all that stuff, I just keep that in excel right now. But I am experimenting with a few other options.

Class Description

Marketing directly to retailers is a decidedly different process from marketing directly to customers. This course will equip you with everything you need to know to build the skills you need to approach retailers with consistent, on-brand, and engaging messaging.

In Wholesale Marketing to Retailers, you’ll learn essential tools for expanding your business to market to retailers. You get tips on building relationships with retailers and how to approach them without sounding “sales-y.” You’ll learn about:

  • Building a wholesale mailing list 
  • Creating a simple, tiered marketing system 
  • Choosing the best times to reach out to retailers 
  • The do’s and don’t’s of email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and social media outreach 
  • Key messaging strategies and the importance of product photos 
You’ll leave this class ready to build your mailing list, create a new strategic marketing plan, and expand into regular retail sales.


Tracy Clarke

Before watching this class, I had been trying to compose emails to reach out to some retailers. I'm glad I held off and watched this first. It was so great to hear the inside scoop on how retailers want to be approached, seeing a sample letter and learning the etiquette on following up after the initial reach out. Now I feel confident about taking my business into this next stage.

Katy Casey

This class was amazing and Katie shares so many great insights and actionable, specific tips. It was great to also get to hear directly from a retailer as well!

Samantha Venator

This was such an awesome course, I watched the whole thing in one sitting. Katie answered all the questions I had and even answered some I didn't know I had when I started the course. It's super affordable and definitely worth the money. Plus the little workbook you get sums everything up nicely.