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Energetic Solution Techniques - Coming Soon!

How to communicate your solution without putting clients to sleep. At this point, we have a nice intro, very personal, exciting problem statement. Now we don't want to have that moment where it's like here is our solution to your problems like so robotic. Right, and boring? We need to keep up that energy. People buy results and not methodology or process. Keep that in mind. Most proposals that I see that I've consulted on and helped people fix, it's always really heavy on process. They'll be like, here is how I do everything. That puts everybody to sleep. At the end of the day, people just want to see what am I gonna get, what is the result here? A lot of people say focus on benefits and not features. That's a common thing that we all hear. Same thing applies just always think about results. Sometimes the benefits, features thing gets confusing. I feel if we just say it this way, it's a result. What's the result that they want? They probably told you this. It's easy to know. You don't ...

have to talk about your how. You don't have to really say my branded method of this, this, and this, and the four pillar of this. No, they don't need to know that. You do that on the back end. That's your special process. You keep that to yourself. Here's some examples. Boring: would be design and execute a comprehensive social media campaign to promote the book launch. Right? Exciting: I'll tap my inner writing minx- creating social media content that feels more page-turning-delicious than Fifty Shades of Anything. That's what I would put. Right? Because that's boring. Nobody wants to hear that. That sounds like everybody else's proposal. Right? Put your personality into it. Make it exciting. Boring: connect with alternate media outlets to garner book reviews. I hate the word garner by the way. It drives me crazy all the time. Exciting: connect with little known (but exceptionally powerful) influencers who are dying to read and review your cookbook. Hint: these folks bump sales numbers like no other media outlet! Right, way more exciting? Again, it's telling her this is what's gonna happen. She's gonna connect with these people. Awesome!

Class Description

Oftentimes, the proposal is the one thing that wins you new business. Yet, many proposals are stuffed with confusing jargon and unpersuasive language, leaving potential customers and clients bored, uninspired and uninterested.

If you want to close the deal, your proposals should read like a page-turning novel, not a dull, drab summary of what your business does. Marketing consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will show you how to use creative storytelling techniques to write proposals that wow your readers and make them excited about working with you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the pre-proposal conversation to uncover exactly what your client wants.
  • Communicate the problem, solution and price in a captivating way.
  • Structure your proposal so it reads like a bestseller.
  • Focus more on the client’s problem rather than what you do.
  • Create a customized proposal rather than using a template.
  • Weave in relevant client success stories.
  • Nail down your proposal process to make it easy every single time.