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Proposal Templates vs. Bespoke Design

Alright, so let's talk a little bit about proposal templates. Like I said, not a huge fan of templates. Also, don't want you guys starting from scratch every single time. So, we're gonna be falling in the middle of this. It's gonna feel bespoke in the way of like, feel original and unique but also have some kind of template. Alright, so, I want you to create a standardize structure which is coming with this class as a download as well, so don't worry about taking too many furious notes during this. I'll still know you're listening to me. And then you're gonna customize it for each client. So the first thing you're gonna do is have an inviting opening, right? So, you want to mention something specific and personal. So remember, we're calling back to that initial conversation, right. Where you want to have small talk and have them, you know, say something. So you might just be like, "Hey, Charlie." You know, "Loved talking and hope you have a great time on your Caribbean vacation." Whate...

ver, right. You're just gonna plug that in. So it's like, basically, plug and play of putting something in there that's personal. Harkening back to that initial conversation you had, whatever that small talk piece was. You want this to be very conversational. And this is gonna be very different than any other proposal you guys have seen, I guarantee you, because most proposals are just like, you know, "We at", you know, "S&S Solutions will, we'll take your business..." and it's just like very boring. And who wants to read that? So, we're gonna make this very personal filled with personality, it's gonna be great. And then I want you to think of this section of your proposal as a welcome note for a guest. Okay, so, the feeling when you're writing this, this is what it should feel like. So, if you've ever gone away and had someone come and take care of like your plants at your house, or bring your mail in. Right, something like that. So, you're away your house is empty. So, that person comes over. Let's say they come over and they're like, "I can't find the spare key." So they're searching for the spare key, right, and they're texting you. And your like, "Oh, shoot," Right, "forgot to tell you." And then they get in your house and now they're like, "Okay, well where's the plants?" Like, "Where's the pitcher to water the plants?" Like, "Where's the mail?" Oh, your mailbox has a key, well where is that key? Okay. So we don't want to give that experience to people that are like watching our house, right? So this is the same vibe, is that lots of times we don't welcome people in our proposal. It feels more like we haven't given them the keys to our mailbox, and our planter, right. Instead, you want it to feel like this warm welcome. And what that letter would sound more like is you would tell them ahead of time where the key was, they'd open. You'd probably have on the counter this nice handwritten letter with like some chocolate for them or something. And you'd be like, "Thank you so much for taking care of my home. Here's everything you need to know." Bullet point, bullet point, bullet point, bullet point, right? Great. Next thing, that's what you would do as like a good person having somebody take care of your house. So, have that feeling when you're writing this. Like, how would I talk to a person if they were coming and taking care of my house, or I'm welcoming a guest, right. So it feels more inviting. And just have that vibe going. So, alright. So here's something that I used for a proposal. So, I'm gonna read this because it's long and I don't have it memorized. So, so, Backflips? I'm over-the-moon excited about your upcoming book launch. By the way, this is when I was doing book publicity. This proposal includes a heart-pounding overview of our publicity campaign, as well as thrilling details to kick off a successful launch. Grab a glass of wine (or two - no judgments here!) and dive on in. I'll follow up with you on December 1st to dish about next steps! So, let me just point this out to you. First of all, this is very much my personality. You're probably gathering that with me here, right. So like, this is how I show up so it's not shocking to any of you that this is what I would write, right. So, that doesn't mean I'm telling you guys that you have to write it like this. Cause of your personalities are different. So the point is, you need to capture your own personality, right. But, I just wanted to show you that because here's me, right. And I am like the backflips girl, but for you that might not be you. If, if you're sitting having coffee for a friend, you might not talk like this. So, that's not what you would say. But, how would you talk? That's what you want to channel. Also realize I'm treating it like a welcome note, right. So I'm telling this, in this case it was a woman, I'm telling this woman that it includes a heart-pounding overview of our publicity campaign as well as thrilling details to kick off a successful launch. I'm also telling her how to enjoy this proposal, by saying grab a glass of wine. The reason I put that, is because when we had our small talk, she talked about a wine bar. So, I know she likes wine. I wouldn't necessarily say, "Hey guys, always put alcohol in your proposals." But if that was part of your conversation then do it, right. It's fine to do that. And then, I'm also saying when I'm gonna follow up. So, super like chill, this is exactly how I sound when you speak to me on the phone, or in person. So, I'm showing up that way here. That's all of your goals. Is to make it feel like the same vibe as when you're talking to them, right. So, that's gonna be different like I said for everyone cause all of your wonderful personalities are different. Alright. Now let's talk a little bit about the problem statement. So remember, this is the part where we're not interpreting or changing the words and the phrases that our clients are using. So, we're not filtering them in any way, right. This is the section of the proposal where we want to repeat back exactly what they told us and not filter it in any way. Not like, "I think you said this." Or, "I think you meant this." Or, "In summary," I'm putting all of this problem together. Nope, this is just like, "Hey, this is what you said." So, we're also gonna structure it in a really fun storytelling way. I will warn everybody here that this is gonna feel like, maybe impossible at first. Like you're gonna be like, "I can't write like that. You're a writer." And that's, and I hear that a lot. So, don't stress that like your proposal you have to get it perfect, or make it just like this. Remember this is all about your personality and just weaving some narrative in here and making it more exciting. We're already seeing that even opening it in a more personalized fashion, is gonna be better than what's already out there, right. So we already are, are doing amazing. So, take it step-by-step, don't get overwhelmed. Okay. So, your solution. So, outlining exciting solutions. So again, after you get past the problem, we're gonna go into each of these sections deeper, don't worry. So, after you do the problem statement, you're digging into your solution. We're gonna learn how to outline that. And then, next steps. So, like I said, cliffhangers. Like, what's the next step here. So, exciting, feels like I can't wait for the next episode or the next season. We want to have that vibe going. And then, having the about you section. Which is your impressive success stories, client success stories. Not all of your testimonials. Picking the best ones, I don't care if it's just one. If it's one powerful one, that's better than six like eh, meh ones. You want it to be good.

Class Description

Oftentimes, the proposal is the one thing that wins you new business. Yet, many proposals are stuffed with confusing jargon and unpersuasive language, leaving potential customers and clients bored, uninspired and uninterested.

If you want to close the deal, your proposals should read like a page-turning novel, not a dull, drab summary of what your business does. Marketing consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will show you how to use creative storytelling techniques to write proposals that wow your readers and make them excited about working with you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the pre-proposal conversation to uncover exactly what your client wants.
  • Communicate the problem, solution and price in a captivating way.
  • Structure your proposal so it reads like a bestseller.
  • Focus more on the client’s problem rather than what you do.
  • Create a customized proposal rather than using a template.
  • Weave in relevant client success stories.
  • Nail down your proposal process to make it easy every single time.