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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Work Remotely: Thrive in a Job From Home

Darren Murph

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hello and welcome to creative live my name is joseph abella I am your host along with christian ings for work remotely how to thrive in a job from home with darren murph now for those of you who aren't familiar darren has visited over forty countries this man has over a decade of professional blogging experience under his belt and he recently wrote a book living the remote dream eh so if you haven't it's already ideo you know encourage you to check it out but with no further ado please I'd like to welcome there and murder it's great to see you thank you so much yeah thank you so much for being here I know we all have you know a lot that we're going to talk about today just you know, living that remote lifestyle I'm excited to hear more about it but I would like to start off just by kind of you know asking you you know before you made this transition into the remote lifestyle I know you know you had kind of touched on maybe they're being like an office job s o did that kind of prepare y...

ou for this transition how did that work out? You know what if anything it provided plenty of motivation thie office job you know it is what it is you're happy to have it but it's pretty constricting and I thought there's there's got to be a better way so let me we figure out how to make that happen and so I'm hoping to share some tips so so everybody can live more freely and if they don't want to be in that office let's get out of it awesome! Well, you know, we are looking forward to hear all about it also that so please take it away all right? Thanks so much worth. So who is this guy? This guy I'm presently not in an office so that's good? Yeah so I've spent ten years almost working remotely and it wasn't always like that. So I did what a lot of people do. I graduated from university and I had worked on an internship through university and then went straight into an office job so moved to a different state. I did what I thought I had to do clock into the office get up early driving our you do the office thing driving our back. It's it's pretty common there their steps that say the average american commutes around half an hour each way every day and extrapolated across all the people we have here that's a lot of time and even the even the amount that that was impacting me was a bit much and so early on while I was doing my office job, I saw free lands roll pop up at a technology publication called engadget and I thought, you know what I might can write a little bit and then I got into that writing was tougher than I thought but I wanted to stick with it and as I did that it became clear writing at night and on the weekends even though it was taking up quote unquote my time was a lot more fun than actually going into the office and so I said you know what? I want to make this what I do full time and so for me it was writing that was something I could do from anywhere on it enabled me to get out of the office and work from home or wherever I was at and so yeah today I've worked in over forty countries that's it's you know there's there's plenty more to go uh like johnny cash says I've got to go everywhere man so I have many more to conquer but it's been it has been a great ride so far so why are we here? Why are why are you here online? Why are you here in the room? Well, hopefully you want to free up your life a little bit and so we're not here to figure out how to work less or how to take short cuts but how to work more on your own terms and on your own turf it goes a long way to making the quality of your work better if you are happy where you're working so we're going to learn about how to confront management in transition into a remote working environment if you're in a situation where you want to stay in the job you're at but do it in a more comfortable environment and then we're going to talk about opportunities in other industries that are best suited for distributed workforce is so if you just come to the conclusion that wherever you're at you know it's just not gonna work remotely maybe it's a manufacturing job where you actually have to be there and you're like well you know I got to find something else where I can't we're going to talk about that I'll talk about the raw truth behind what sacrifices you're gonna have to make it's not all peaches and cream and roses and all of those things there are sacrifices you have to make but you get a lot back returned the pros definitely outweigh the cons you know if you wanted to be this is the last year in an office you hate mean just go ahead and make it so and we're gonna work towards getting there so I want to start this off with a question um it's a pretty simple one who here works in an office let's start with that does anybody here working in office? You already were audio on the right track I'm pretty sure we have some some viewers online that are working from an office and are probably watching this while they're supposed to be working and it's totally acceptable totally acceptable because remember, this is your last year in that office so you know what? Your two weeks notice? It has basically been filed your good deal so the average commute time if not if you work in an office, do you go to a co working space? You do have a commute from the bedroom to home office. Ok, I love this amazing okay, the bedroom to the home office. Uh, nothing or cafe there you go. So you've already peel back the onion a little bit on what the commute looks like for someone that doesn't have to go to an office, but I do want to talk about what most americans and actually globally, what people deal with when it comes to commuting. So I lived in a city I lived on the outskirts of the city because I couldn't afford to live in the city. This is a familiar story and drove an hour to an hour and a half each way every single day. And if I didn't leave by five or five thirty in the morning, that could grow to two or two and a half hours just an unbelievable amount of time, and so you look at the end of the week and you're squandering five, six, seven, maybe ten hours a week and so you're getting paid for forty and you're actually doing about fifty or fifty five when you take the commute into account uh that's no way to live that's a lot of your time that could be better spent either on a new endeavor your own side project spending more time with your family ah a time at the gym I mean almost anything is better than just spending it on the subway or in your own car behind people that won't move and you can't figure out why so who benefits from this corporate workers and long time office dollars if you've been in office for a long time so long that you can't ever envision getting out of it, you actually can get out of it because even in my last corporate job I was able tio arrange a work from home situation a few days a week so even if you can't get there fully right now, there are some ways to start easing into it. Ambitious freelancers with a mind to travel so if you freelance or you have a situation right now where you don't have to commit to an office man let's figure out a way to get you more work so you can go work in places that you want to be at and professionals willing to do more so long as it's on their own terms in their turf I'll be honest with you remote workers usually work harder or have to work harder because a lot more is expected of them because they don't have to deal with the community. It is what it is, but if you're willing to put in the work, the benefits of pretty awesome. So here is my promise to you well, understand how to prepare for the remote workforce, and if you need to transition howto confront your boss and get their gathered, the courage and the tools you need to make your case to management, a lot of people want to stay in the same job there in they just want to be able to do it on their own terms. I realized the power and freedom of a nonlinear workday, so we'll touch on this topic a bit later, but it's basically destroying the construct of nine to five do things really have to be done from nine to five will conquer fear and loneliness, and if you if you work alone in your home office, you know there's, not a lot of colleagues in there, so we'll figure out how to deal with that, and we'll prepare for a life of continual self marketing when you are on your own and you don't have the run ins that you have in a usual office, you're kind of on your own when it comes to making yourself look great.

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Full of valuable information. Talks about pro's and con's of working remotely. I already work remotely as a freelance graphic designer but Darren had plenty of tips that I will implement for myself. Class moved at a nice pace.

MIke Woitach

Love it! I've been working from home for two and a half years and have been struggling with my productivity. This helped me think through the classic sticking points and how to think about my day.

Student Work