Working with Models


Working with Models


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Day 2 Pre-Show Banter

Hello internet and welcome to creative live and day two of matthew jordan smith's working with models workshop wear so excited to be here today on the roof of creative live we've got the space needle in the background and this morning we are going to be doing a photo shoot up here matthew how are you doing this morning? I'm going very, very good good good you're looking good looking good nice bright, sunny days you know hey, we're better than that that's right? So folks are going to do about four minutes of pre show banter let us know in the chat rooms if you can see us and hear us and let us know where you're joining us from my name is ken and I will be your co host along with susan roderick how you doing this morning? I'm doing excellent I always love being in a different location so I'm excited to be up here on the roof watching matthew shoot so we're going to reduce the students why don't you guys just let the internet know your name and where you're from? Start with you giving goo...

d morning my name is david pasco and my photo bog side is captive I dot com I hasn't the white hot air in uh find mia taught here in photography dot com they want washington my website and facebook is agnes photography and twitter agnes photo I my name is cammy I'm from japan call me tio my website is comical sakai dot com okay you and mike aol okay I don't come I'm so excited to be here thank you thank you very much so we're going to start reading off where people are joining us from we love to do this and creative live because we have people watching from all over the world and it's so exciting to bring all of you here with us on the roof of the creative nine building that's right? So we have adrian in chicago who khun see us and hear us memories by micheli and north from norfolk, virginia and she's loving your hat matthew j morgan images is joining us from the desert high jessica way have julie ray photography who is in las vegas we have bosnia we have japan way have poland warsaw indiana is joining us from basque country southwest of france italy very cool all over a lot are is joining us from the rainy netherlands and uh let's see keeps going this is so fun romania jaeggi photography is from portugal and leumi swami is from helsinki, finland argentina more romania we had a lot of folks in romania that's awesome so fabulous so this is so cool we're on the roof matthew and already in the past you know, fifteen minutes that we've been up here it's gone from super bright son, to then shade sundaes behind the clouds. So I'm really interested to see how you handle that control. This has situations. Yeah, the thing. That's. Great about being a fashion and the photographer. You always shoot in different environments to different situations. So you learn how to work in every kind of lighting situation and that's, a real advantage, no matter what you want, do photographically. So today we will shoot in outside on a rooftop, right, son, and then we'll change things around as well, when we're shooting downstairs in studio way, have forty situation's, totally different, and when a rocket to be fun. But these guys, how to work with models and every single situation.

Class Description

Want to learn how to find models, how to build your portfolio, and about the business of fashion photography? Fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith returns to the creativeLIVE studios for a 3-day workshop teaching photographers how to work with models! Matthew and fashion model Yoanna House from America's Next Top Model will take you through the model-photographer relationship from both sides, showing what sort of direction is helpful and what is confusing, how to cast for a photoshoot, and what you should look for in a model. Matthew will share his insights on how you get the look you need from a model and how to build relationships with models to get the best possible results. Models: want to learn how to be a successful model? Check out the related Modeling 101 workshop with Yoanna House!