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Day 3 Pre-Show Banter

Hello internet welcome to creative live we're starting our last and final day here with matthew jordan smith and his workshop working with models this has actually been fashion week if you have have missed it you need to go back and watch all the days that we've had for the last five days have been absolutely amazing my name is susan rodrick and this is my lovely co host ken klosterman good morning susan for you today I'm great I'm great I'm pumped for today a and oh I forgot to say this is our pre show banter so we're going to take about ten minutes check our video and our audio and if you're having any difficulties you're welcome to let us know in the chat rooms and I would like to introduce matthew jordan smith how are you today matthew I'm doing great I'm doing great on a high steel from yesterday and last night and the whole week giving us five days it doesn't seem like five days it can't be over by in a flash well you're gonna have to come back again matthew absolutely why like o...

h good I was going to say I'm excited to hear about yesterday exactly exactly you know wicked times great so folks let us know where you're joining us from and we're going to spend some time this morning talking tio are four students here about the x's syrian ce of being here at critical I've as one of the in person audience numbers, we have several upcoming opportunities that are truly amazing for you to come and be here, and I want to give you a sense again about what it's like that's different from watching from your home, and one in particular workshop is that's coming up in the deadline for your submissions videos is is coming up shortly monday is sarah petty and sarah petty is coming to teach a photographer's brand makeover and what's super cool about this is that one of the students that is selected to be here in person is actually going to be the one whose brand is completely made over over the course of the three days. So we're talking, having graphic artists involved, and you'll be that person will be getting in matthew's faces, I wow from graphic elements and going across like a logo and going across all the different elements of your brand, and that person is going to get the actual makeover so huge, huge opportunities. The other students will also be involved in some of those elements and getting yours made over as well. So go to the creative live blogged there is a block post about sarah pettis workshop and submit your videos by monday, so with that tell us about your experience here at creative live, we'll start with you, david. Good morning my name is david pascua I'm from wilmington north carolina my twitter handle is the captive I I as hawaii and my photo block is the captive I dot com with the past few days has been just incredible for me too to be with creative live a swell of matthew jordan smith and my fellow colleagues here I think personally being here in person now wait just just being just learning uh in personal with from from matthew but seeing the behind the scenes and see just observing just how great creative live meant that the team that you have here is just wonderful to meet and to interact with even between breaks and lunch I think at that personal level being able teo teo to talk with you personally and then just extend and making that connection and just learning legally luring mohr from every individual that I've been able to meet here good morning my name is agnes troughs come here local in redmond washington my you can find me on facebook agnes photography and my twitter is agnes photo so as faras creative life I would say that it's it's amazing to be here I mean first of all off course who have video coming is probably a great instructor as we saw this week matthew I mean it was well for information over here and it's david mentioned over lands and in the evenings and during the breaks you get to see, they're the real work as well that goes behind the scenes how it is to set up set on dhere all the experiences it's just much more than just during the course watching it online and off course you get so socialize with a lot of other photographers I mean everyone here that works here is some kind of photographer with a wealth of information so just being in this environment just gets you energized and you go back and you ready to do more off your own work hi my name is coming my website its chemical skied up calm um I'm I heard amazing three days in seattle and in creative live with matthew and this is this is a bit of a life changing experience for me I've been following creative life for a year and being here in this studio physically is I want everyone to experience this wonderful creative johnny and, um meeting all the people for food um walk really hard and and create this show I changed my um it was really fun and also the making the video to submit I was kind of attempting to dio but it was really easy so I want everyone to try and have this experience I'm taught here in uh he found the toddler and photography dot com um this experience has been just like they said it's been awesome it's it's it's the experience itself you know being around all the other photographers like they said um unable to meet matthew in person john but all know john from the show you know every time these girls up here there everybody's awesome um but the whole experience it's it's different than just watching it you can hear it and see it you know when you're when you're online but you could feel it when you're here and it's it gets inside of you but I've made a lot of friends that otherwise wouldn't have made just a wonderful experience saddles a great town um lots of things to see and do some of that's changing uh yeah we've had some good times here it's great awesome and so yesterday matthew sort of unveiled to the world one of his projects personal projects that he has been working on a future project and you all critical I was witnessed tio being able to see and be part of this when you told us about it and then you guys were part of actually going and having him create one of his images last night so I would love to hear a little bit about that and matthew and your experience in doing so with these folks as well I really loved having these guys on the forty seventh shoot of the future project yesterday it was incredible to have this like this family feeling with my new friends who have been with me this week and really bond we had we had an incredible time last night um shoot was awesome location was great the light was perfect our subject was amazing and then after the shoot we didn't want to go so we always have dinner and we turn you know, father crew wantto new cuisine they never had before and it is a great great end of the week milks excursion for us and also you know, I love the images and going to talk about the process how I how I shoot it um how research it my my recipe for shooting so everything looks the same no matter which state in america I'm shooting in sharing that with there was great and then also I hearing about some of their personal projects that they want to start and hopefully inspiring them to go on and do their own so now I expect to see it was great I just like to say to all of you did you guys you didn't talk about your experience do you guys want to do that? Yeah a couple minutes why don't you just talk about last night in your experience last night what do you start? David okay um well recalling I think in the past couple days matthew mentioning about the the hard part being you're producing or the production of what you're about to shoot um I got it a greater understanding and grasp that that's really I think the hard part so his preparation and you know what he had in mind uh he had that all lined up so on when we did the shoot people he made it look effortless and that that was the easy part uh such a quick connection with this subject and before before we knew it we were done it was like ok time to talk in its built build that relationship is it incredible I thought it was incredible to see what matthew preachers to be applied in reality it was really I mean he does what he teaches so the whole report with young model that was there on the set I mean she was so comfortable just because of matthew and the way he worked with everything it was and it's all because of you how you created that most period there so really like whatever you were teaching you actually are like this on set and it was for me it was great to see creation ofthe personal project it's not commissioned its yours so we all work on our project so it was really amazing moment to be part of something that's special to you as a photographer so I like I really appreciated that we could have a sneak peek to it and see you work on something you look like you're agnes thank you be part of the of the project and um and he told us the formula, the recipe and it was awesome. It's so simple and and the create amazing, invent way had a great time last night. It was a wonderful time last night. Um, watching matthew work in real life, like they said with, you know, putting practicing what he preaches, I guess you'd say and a lot of times you think, well, these people are putting on a show when they're here, you know, when you're watching him he's exactly the same in real life. I mean, exactly the same he's this nice all the time. It's awesome to see that the project is huge. I'm really honored to be, you know, that I was able to see part of it can't wait for it to be revealed. It's gonna be awesome, that's going to be very, very awesome. Um, and then we went, like, he said had had an awesome night, uh, running around saying something's, uh, exploring having some new cuisine, I'm a little sheltered from where I'm from a kind of a small town area, so I've never gotten out much way had indian food for the first time I've ever had indian food, so they say I've had the best indian food hands down last night in seattle, I am forty three years

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Want to learn how to find models, how to build your portfolio, and about the business of fashion photography? Fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith returns to the creativeLIVE studios for a 3-day workshop teaching photographers how to work with models! Matthew and fashion model Yoanna House from America's Next Top Model will take you through the model-photographer relationship from both sides, showing what sort of direction is helpful and what is confusing, how to cast for a photoshoot, and what you should look for in a model. Matthew will share his insights on how you get the look you need from a model and how to build relationships with models to get the best possible results. Models: want to learn how to be a successful model? Check out the related Modeling 101 workshop with Yoanna House!