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Day 3 Wrap-Up

Well matthew there were you just talked about sort of in that last segment three things that will enhance your life you talked about the people you meet and the places that you go and the books that you read and I just wanted to add on a fourth to that if I may um and that is the learning that you do along the journey that leads to growth and uh founder of create alive craig's wants in talks about how that is the reason that we're here that is the reason that we exist is not just about, um, the education part of it and the inspiration part of it but truly the growth part for you all out there and that that is why we're here and we have seen that first hand in all of these people right here in front of us in matthew and you wanna as well um and we hope to see that from you and having this workshop having matthew and you wanna they're on your team in your pocket going forward that is the way that you two can go through everything we've learned here over and over and grow yourself. So thi...

s workshop there are five less than five and a half hours left to get this workshop at the discounted price and say fifty dollars by purchasing it now if you haven't already and better yet to get the full credit life fashion week to get both workshops with the modeling. Wanna one, and this workshop combining it together gives you just a a huge amount of knowledge and tools to go along with your journey of growth. So thank you again for joining us for these five incredible days. We will see you back on monday morning with lisa snyder for photoshopped dimes. And that is a wrap. Thank you again.

Class Description

Want to learn how to find models, how to build your portfolio, and about the business of fashion photography? Fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith returns to the creativeLIVE studios for a 3-day workshop teaching photographers how to work with models! Matthew and fashion model Yoanna House from America's Next Top Model will take you through the model-photographer relationship from both sides, showing what sort of direction is helpful and what is confusing, how to cast for a photoshoot, and what you should look for in a model. Matthew will share his insights on how you get the look you need from a model and how to build relationships with models to get the best possible results. Models: want to learn how to be a successful model? Check out the related Modeling 101 workshop with Yoanna House!