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Working with Models


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So I just want to start by thanking the n h as always, they've supported tons of equipment for us and all the links at the bottom of the page. Bottom of the course page linked to be in a church where you can purchase thie gear that you want o r you wanna hasn't been shooting matthew's been shooting the gear matt he's been shooting for this weekend so big shout out to be an h they're fantastic or other sponsors who are with us all the time. Borrowed lenses, kobol, tether tools and kessler, I'm always fantastic! They're pretty straightforward cobalt with lights, borrowed lenses with lenses and the other equipment that that we borrow from them tether tools and castle crane that drink cream you've been seen flying around this entire workshop on glazers, they're right down the street, and they help, uh, provide us a lot of gear that matthew was shooting with this we can also this is also where I turn it really quickly over to matthew to talk briefly about some of his his big thank you's, ab...

solutely a big shout out to triple scope music for helping with the music and supporting they are a wonderful supporter of licensing music for artists, photographers to using different elements, different ways where you're not stealing music and they've got they've got a zillion song so thank you to all those guys to timber a big shot to sony um I'm really happy to have used the new sony a ninety nine this week it is incredible speaking of wish you know laptop was have a problem with chipping they've got I think the jury and look at the camera taking pictures with a camera and it takes away from the creative process well that new a ninety nine has solved that problem so the first second you shoot it because the matter fact you guys also it yesterday in the works the first second you shoot it you get a preview in the viewfinder so no more open to chimp anymore it's wonderful and uh thank you sign for that is just a wonderful experience perfect big special things to our stylist um yeah no he does it in a way even if you're around pretty come out here and he's packing I think he's backing up on rightfully so so alvin buses but bor over models dressed up and looking like the theme for each shoot on dh that was that was fantastic so and he worked with us seamlessly and running out there and do we need to do so big shout out to alvin we had a bunch of hair and makeup silas helping us so kara erin in the coma were here with us alternating shifts between the five days of this workshop also get our models done up and they also helped out you on in the morning too uh fantastic in the cyclist assistant kyle who has also done a phenomenal job great team great team really happy to have him onboard um and the students don't start okay, so photography students have been fantastic they've been color coordinated I swear they coordinated their their outfits every day there in like this you know coordinated outfits which is fantastic and has a nice little test so thank you guys you guys have done a really good job. This has been a very interactive workshop um I feel like you guys did a really, really good job learning I feel like I've seen growth um I'm sure matthew can kind of speak to that too, but seen growth over the course of three days you have been here so thank you so much for being awesome to work with and then the model students I like to call model students because it makes him sound like really, really good students that you should look up to their models and students on dh the other girls get torre, kate, katie, kara and rave in have been rock stars they've been here all five days of the workshop they've really put in the time and I feel like they've gone leaps and bounds which has been really, really fun to see and we we threw me through the ringer benetton karaoke e rooftop you name it lingerie lingerie oh yeah laundry first day content creators of them um really really glad the creative live audience and so that's not just the students that were in here we should probably actually give a big round of applause thief so the creative live audience is everyone out there everyone watching on the web without the creative live audience we wouldn't be here it's probably one of my most favorite parts about creative live is the audience in the interaction that we can have with them you know them being able to come into the chat rooms and ask questions to the chat host so anyways big thank you to the audience for being so supportive and being awesome then there's the creative live crew which also is necessary to make this thing happen the creative live team has you know five day workshop it's never all that easy let's go go go and they did a superb job I think we also threw a lot of them this weekend with all the different shoots so they did a fantastic job um yeah so the crew rock um you want a house thank you thank you thank you for being here aside from being gorgeous think you're also fantastic to work with uh you know onscreen and offscreen you've been a delight so thank you for being here I think I got a chance to talk to a lot of the model students and they they were just, you know, for that they've got to have the chance, like work with you and, like, get the immediate feedback and so thank so thank you for being here and then another big thank you to matthew jordan smith. Uh, matthew, you're phenomenal photographer. Um, you know, your approach I feel like is unique. We've seen tens of photographers come through here, so I mean, you're, you're approaches so heartfelt, and I think it comes through in the workshop and I've heard the scenes talk about it, too. So thank you for being here, and the two of you combined made this workshop what it is. Thank you for that. Um, we will get out of matthew's hair and, uh, and let him finish this thing up. Oh, go over the channel was first time. I just want to, first of all, thank our amazing producer, erin anderson. Without him, none of this would come together.

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Want to learn how to find models, how to build your portfolio, and about the business of fashion photography? Fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith returns to the creativeLIVE studios for a 3-day workshop teaching photographers how to work with models! Matthew and fashion model Yoanna House from America's Next Top Model will take you through the model-photographer relationship from both sides, showing what sort of direction is helpful and what is confusing, how to cast for a photoshoot, and what you should look for in a model. Matthew will share his insights on how you get the look you need from a model and how to build relationships with models to get the best possible results. Models: want to learn how to be a successful model? Check out the related Modeling 101 workshop with Yoanna House!