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Autofitting Images on Master Pages in InDesign


Working with Images in InDesign


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Autofitting Images on Master Pages in InDesign

Class Description

Images bring ideas to life in a way that text simply can not. In Working with Images in Adobe® InDesign, Jason Hoppe will show you how to expertly incorporate images into your InDesign layouts.

Jason Hoppe has worked in high-end production training, photo retouching, color correction, and creative workflow management for nearly two decades. 

In this class, Jason teach you how to:
  • Overcome common Adobe® InDesign layout challenges
  • Place images exactly where you want them
  • Size and space
  • Create a contact sheet
  • Use image automation
You’ll learn how to setup a workflow that can be used again and again and gain insights on getting the most out of the Adobe® Creative Cloud® libraries.

If images put a hitch in yourAdobe® InDesign workflow, don’t miss your chance to learn the easy way to work with them in Working with Images in Adobe® InDesign with Jason Hoppe.

  • Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2014.2