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Vector Smart Objects

Lesson 7 from: Working with Smart Objects & Smart Filters

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

7. Vector Smart Objects

Lesson Info

Vector Smart Objects

illustrator is a wonderful program. This is where I created this local originally because everything is a separate piece. Vector objects by nature are completely scalable. So you could take a small little logo. You made an illustrator and make it the size of a truck. And it would lose any quality where you couldn't do that in photo shop by the nature of pixels. So for many people, illustrator is a very key tool for that reason. And it used to be if I wanted to put that illustrator logo into my Photoshopped document, it would rast arise it. That was the only option, Which means you have to make sure was exactly the right size exactly the right color. Because once it was in there, it just became a bunch of flat pixels with no relationship to illustrator at all. Now I can do this copy from Illustrator Paste into photo shop, and it gives me options including smart object. Oh, yes, please. I click. OK, It says, How big would you like it and say that big get enter treated like I normally wou...

ld A layer in photo shop. I can move it. Aiken do things to it. Now it look, it's has that little smart object. This goes back to the same principle. If I double click to edit the contents. Where did the contents live? An illustrator. So now I've created to weigh editing Street between Photoshopped and L Shooter. Very interesting. Double click. It goes back to illustrator, and we can say we want um, let's do something simple like change this to some other color. Of course, I changed one letter. That's fine. Sure, Smaller. Just so you see, I'm doing something same principle as when we had the contents window and photo showing. Just save it to tell Photoshopped to some things happen to go back to photo shop. It's updated automatically, so that means, in effect, that the ability edit illustrator from within photo shop. So for anyone, that's I often talk it events where there are longtime military users, and this is the point where at least 17 people faint because they're just like, Oh my gosh, that's so amazing compared because it used to be you would copy and paste and kind of go in, and I guess that's OK. And then someone says, Oh, can you just change the load of red. They were like Now it's like, Sure, it'll cost you $1000 but I'll do it because it's so difficult. But, you know, it's just like DoubleClick change. So that's just another part of smart objects. If you're like I said, if you have the photography package, you can not be able to do that because you wouldn't have ill share. But for people have ill sure, it's a really nice combination to be able to do that.

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Clear explanation of smart objects and smart filters in depth including a wide variety of options. Demonstrations show how to use and why these functions are so valuable. Dave is a great teacher, with excellent pacing and explains every salient detail. Very highly recommended.


Very informative class that provides great insight into a concept I was completely unaware existed. Pace was good and Dave presentation style was great.

Iden Stromeyer-Metral

I have been using photoshop for many years without learning more about the software updates as is smart objects. Dave Cross made it easy to understand how it works to our own advantage, how one can apply filters without affecting the raw. A true eye opener to masking and applying filters to the work.

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