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Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

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Emotional Theme Ideas for Email

Melissa Cassera

Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

Melissa Cassera

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5. Emotional Theme Ideas for Email

Lesson Info

Emotional Theme Ideas for Email

Determining the best emotional theme to use for your email. I love this! Because I work in theme all the time, I'm a screenwriter, so all of our projects have to have a theme of, you know, redemption or revenge or whatever. My themes are always dark because I write drama. But not everybody's are, so that's okay too. (laughing) So, popular TV shows always use a theme, a consistent emotional theme to keep people watching, right? Like if anyone's a fan of the show This Is Us in here, right, you're probably pretty familiar. Every week you show up and the show feels the same, right? And that's because they're using the same emotional theme. Now what if, all of a sudden, you showed up, and like the White Walkers are coming in, it feels like Game of Thrones? Like you guys are all gonna be like, eugh. (laughter) This was not my heartwarming show! Like, the tears are not flowing, this is way too dark, right? And so that's why they use these themes and the writers in the room stick to that theme...

so that every episode feels the same, right? Has a feeling. So you want your emails to have that same thing. So all of my emails have this theme. Possibility with a truth smack. So I love giving people possibility. I love, you tell me you wanna be a writer, I say you're already a writer, right? You tell me you wanna be a screenwriter, great, do it! (laughter) Like you got it, you wanna start a business? Awesome, go! You know, so I know all of these things are possible. I want everyone to feel like they're possible. But I also like to include a dose of reality in there. I call 'em truth smacks, and really that's what it is. Because I don't want anybody to get it twisted, right. There's also work that comes into all of those things. You know, I don't believe personally that you know, you just think something in your brain and poof, it appears in front of you. That's not me, that's not my theme, right. My theme is about bringing it a bit down to reality so like yes, this can be your reality, but like there's some reality you need to dig into too, right. It doesn't mean I'm being harsh or mean, or you know, taking away their wishes and their dreams, but it's just saying "Hey, like here's something, like you have to work hard" or "You're gonna have to here know," or "You're gonna have to face a hundred rejections "to get the one yes". And those are the realities and the truth smack of things. But that doesn't mean that it's not possible. So that's the theme that runs through all of my personal work. So here's some ideas. Redemption. So of course, if in your work if that works, like redeeming themselves. Maybe your clients are in that space where it constantly feels like everything is failing. (laughter) Nothing is working, right? Or they've made so many mistakes that it's like oof, like how am I ever gonna come back from this. Or maybe you're, you're a relationship coach, right? And your clients are just unlucky in love and have had numerous failed relationships and they're just like, you know what, I just, I'm done, you know? And then you're like, no, no! You can turn this around! You can redeem yourself. And so you can have that theme, theme of love, of course that's always a good one if everything has that heartwarming, this is us kinda feel. Transformation, also an amazing one. So anytime you're going from A to B, if you theme all of your emails that way, this works for B to B as well. You know, if you're like, here's what you're thinking, and here's where you can go. Or here's what I was thinking, and here's how I fixed it, right? These are all transformations. Again, they don't have to be huge like, I was on the streets and now I'm a billionaire. It can be like, I couldn't get a social media post to post on Instagram, and then I figured it out, right? So you can definitely go with the small things. And in fact, those small things connect more. Doesn't have to be this big sweeping story. Spirituality. So depending on what your business is, this doesn't work for all of us, like I said. But you know, this could be a theme for some of you. If you want to infuse, I have a client that infuses spirituality into her business and marketing work. So she helps people with business and marketing, but she takes kind of a spiritual slant on it. Her clients love it. She's reaching a very specific client. So they're very engaged, because they're like "Thank goodness!" You know, someone is doing business from this angle and not just a pure strategy angle. So that doesn't work for all of us, but for some of us that may fit really well. So that can be a great emotional theme. Ambition, yeah, people love this one too. So any time you're, again, this is a little bit like mine with the possibility, right. So like, showing people the drive, the determination, the perseverance, right, that either you've taken in your life, you've seen somebody else take, you've seen your clients take, you know any of it. Or you're giving tips on how they can amp their own drive and perseverance, you can do that as well. So again, all just a great theme. And then courage, also an awesome one. This probably bleeds into all of our businesses. I don't know anyone that doesn't have a problem with harnessing courage. (laughing) And so, in some area of their life, right. Some of us give our clients courage, right, that's what we exist to do. Some of us don't do that, but we suffer from in, certain areas of life, we don't have courage and our clients suffer in certain areas that they don't have courage. So it can always be fun to have that theme woven, where it's like yeah, I can do this, I got the courage to do this, or how to get that courage to do it. And then discovery, so discovery's probably really common as an emotional theme, particularly for business to business. Because it's all about discovering new things. It could be like the latest new tech trend, it could be something that you discovered. Like just something that you envisioned or you were at a conference and you were like, you know what? I discovered that everyone was dealing with this, maybe you are too, right? So anything, maybe it's something you discovered in your own life, your own beliefs, your own mindset, the way that you do work. Maybe you're doing, running your business one way and decided to totally change and do it this way. You're using the strategy on Instagram and you're like nope, I discovered this strategy. So discovery can be really popular, particularly with business to business, because everyone's hungry for the latest discovery. And fear. So again, not right for all of us. And I'm not even a huge fan of like, fear-based marketing, so I don't mean it in that way. I'm like, terrifying your clients until they buy from you? That's the opposite of what I believe. But what I do mean by that is if you choose to use that emotional theme, it could just be addressing your client's fears, but not in a way of like "Hey, you're scared of this, "I have the one trick that will help you", it's not that. Like that's icky and sleazy. So what it is, is it's just making your clients feel heard and validated about their fears. So maybe that's the theme you decide to weave into your emails. Where you're like, I've heard you were, or people who do like Q and As, you might see that a lot as a theme. Where they might say, every week they answer one question, right, and that's their theme in their email. Well essentially, that's boiling out of fear. Because it's coming from something that their client is fearful of, right? Or something that they're unsure of, whatever word you wanna plug into that. And then they're answering it, right. So they're helping them address that. It's not like this, for $9.97, I (laughs) I have the one trick that will make this all go away! Right, not that type of fear. This is just making clients feel heard and validated, like I said. And it won't work for all of us. Some of us, that's like mmm, that doesn't feel right. And so that's why we have tons of different themes to pick from, and you can also create your own theme. If one of these don't work for you, there's also plenty more that you can work from.

Class Description

When it comes to reaching people and converting them to clients and customers, nothing is more effective than email. And yet, many of the messages that businesses send out miss the mark—remaining unopened, unread or deleted from recipients’ inboxes.

This class will arm you with powerful email writing techniques that will take your email marketing campaigns to ever-greater heights. Business consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will teach you the secrets to getting people to not only pay attention to your emails, but to respond to your calls to action.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Infuse personality and emotion into your emails.
  • Re-engage a list you haven’t reached out to in months.
  • Put readers at ease by sharing personal stories and life experiences.
  • Write captivating subject lines.
  • Master “movie trailer moments” in your opening line.
  • Edit your emails to make them more digestible, quotable and shareable.
  • Motivate people to take action without being pushy or sleazy.
  • Create a sense of urgency through “ticking clocks.”
  • Use email signatures to clinch the deal.


Stavroula Fotiou

This is an incredibly beneficial course. Not only is it great for individuals interested in improving their email marketing strategy, but also for those who are looking to improve their blog writing skills. Melissa does a great job of getting straight to the point. yet giving great examples and details in order for the viewer to understand her process and ideas. I recommend 100%.

Chris Humphrey

Really solid foundational course! No fluff, just meaty info with a few great surprising bits of brilliance.

Shannon Christy