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Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

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Importance of Email Marketing

Melissa Cassera

Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

Melissa Cassera

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2. Importance of Email Marketing

Lesson Info

Importance of Email Marketing

So let's first just talk a little bit about the importance of email marketing. I just want to say, email is not dead. I can't tell you how many times I see this in like some buzzy headline online that's like "email is over, you must be on Pinterest." or "you must do an Instagram story or your business will implode." None of that is true. If you see those buzzy headlines, delete. Also, often times those buzzy headlines are not actually intended for us as small business owners. I've worked for both very, very large global brands and small business owners like myself and I imagine most of you are as well. Or maybe solo-preneurs, where you're the only one in your business. Most of that advice that's out there is intended for a very broad audience. So they're just looking at overall stats that big, big global companies that you see on the shelves of your grocery store, or big, big tech companies are using. And so they're operating in a much different way than we do as small businesses. For ...

them, a lot of it is just numbers based they're not seeing a lot of their clients face to face or their customers face to face, but we do. Our businesses are so much more intimate, we're seeing people in person all the time or even online, we need to create that intimate structure in order to survive and succeed in this small business climate. So, when you see those kinds of big, splashy things as I said, just ignore it. You don't need to hear those bizarre stats. At the end of the day, emails are a very awesome, intimate way to connect with your community. If it's through a newsletter, then that means they're giving you permission. They had to click a box, they had to put their name and their email in. So they're saying, "Jenna, I want to work with you." They're personally coming in and saying that. That is strong. That's very, very strong. And we also have a lot of control over our email. So, when you're in social media, we all probably use some facet of social media, but whatever network you're on, that network can disappear at any time, they can shut it down. And we've seen that happen before. Or they can change their algorithms, so that all of a sudden, our posts aren't being seen anymore and if you're operating your entire business in that space and you're relying on people seeing your messaging there but now all of a sudden the algorithm changed and less than five percent of your followers are seeing it, huge problem for your business. Huge. Email? That is not going away. So, email marketing is so awesome because you can engage people in other ways and then bring them into your email. So, I'm not saying don't use social networks. They're out there, they're available. And if you enjoy using them, and if your ideal clients are there using it, then you use it. Go where ideal clients are, go where the people you want to work with are. And then you use that, but remember at the end of the day, you still want to deepen that relationship. So don't just keep that relationship in one space, on one platform. It's like you meet a friend at work or at the gym, somebody that you like. Well eventually you wanna go out to dinner with them. You don't want all of your engagements to happen in that one space. So email's really great for that. And then like I said, organic reach is decreasing on social networks. So, it's something that email is a great way to combat that and not seriously just rely on a social network and all of your engagement happening there. And then you also have full control over your email and what you say and how you engage. They're not changing things, like email's not going to all of a sudden say "no pictures, no words" you can't put a word in an email, that's never going to happen. But on other platforms, they have the ability to always say "well, we're not going to do the video function anymore, we're not going to do this anymore" and they'll take it away. So email is a great way to maintain control over your message and what you want to send, when you want to send. And also segmentation capabilities are so awesome with email marketing. So if any of you are using a platform and there are tons of them out there that are very affordable, that you can have people sign up and you can send messages through that email marketing platform. Most of them have segmentation capabilities where you can put people into different lists. So let's say, you're a photographer. And you take photos of families but also take photos of weddings. So people in different phases of their life. Well, you can segment them into two separate lists so that you can have a conversation with the people that are getting married because lots of different things are happening for them and they're getting excited about their wedding, and then you can have a conversation with them later after they've already been married and now they have a family, and you wanna reach out to them for portraits, let's say. So it allows you to do that in a really nice way without one by one looking everybody up and going "okay, where are they in their life, did they do this" and I love that one to one feel as well, I don't think that should go away, but this is a great way to do it as you start to grow and scale your business and a nice way to keep track of everybody. Also, it feels personal to get an email. If you post something on Instagram, let's say, it's intended for a lot of people. Even if 30 people follow you, that's still 30 people that are getting that message. But an email, it's coming to one inbox. Even if you send it to a lot of people, even if it's a newsletter that goes out to a group, it still feels intimate because it's coming right in your inbox. And we're going to talk about ways to make it feel even more intimate so even when it is in this newsletter format, it still feels like I'm writing directly to you and I'm not sending this to 30,000 people or however many people are on your list. Also, email marketing spend is expected to hit 3 billion by 2019, so that's kind of an industry statistic but it's cool to know, because this isn't something that's on the decline, this is something that's not going away. Email marketing rocks, and it's around to stay.

Class Description

When it comes to reaching people and converting them to clients and customers, nothing is more effective than email. And yet, many of the messages that businesses send out miss the mark—remaining unopened, unread or deleted from recipients’ inboxes.

This class will arm you with powerful email writing techniques that will take your email marketing campaigns to ever-greater heights. Business consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will teach you the secrets to getting people to not only pay attention to your emails, but to respond to your calls to action.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Infuse personality and emotion into your emails.
  • Re-engage a list you haven’t reached out to in months.
  • Put readers at ease by sharing personal stories and life experiences.
  • Write captivating subject lines.
  • Master “movie trailer moments” in your opening line.
  • Edit your emails to make them more digestible, quotable and shareable.
  • Motivate people to take action without being pushy or sleazy.
  • Create a sense of urgency through “ticking clocks.”
  • Use email signatures to clinch the deal.


Stavroula Fotiou

This is an incredibly beneficial course. Not only is it great for individuals interested in improving their email marketing strategy, but also for those who are looking to improve their blog writing skills. Melissa does a great job of getting straight to the point. yet giving great examples and details in order for the viewer to understand her process and ideas. I recommend 100%.

Chris Humphrey

Really solid foundational course! No fluff, just meaty info with a few great surprising bits of brilliance.

Shannon Christy