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Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

Lesson 2 of 10


Vanessa Joy

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

Vanessa Joy

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2. Rejuvenating
Full Yoga Class Level 2

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we're gonna start with cat cow. So come to all fours. We're going to just warm up our spines, taking a deep breath in hooking up and deep breath out, rounding out, blowing out all that's Taylor and deep breath in on deep breath out and one more deep breath in and exhale out. When they come to neutral spine, lift up your left arm and then bring it through underneath your right for a thread. That needle little stretch warming up our spines. Here, go ahead and inhale all the way back up and place your left hand down. Bring your right arm up inhaling and then exhaling Thread it through. I am. Bring your head to the mat deep inhales you stretch your spine, your shoulder blades and on your next inhale, bring it all the way back up and down. We're going to lift the left arm up and right foot back. Hold this for a moment on, then bring them both out to the side and then back to the middle and then out to the side. Remember to engage your core. Do not let your back arch and one more time out to...

the side I am back to the middle and bring it down. Readjust to put your weight in the opposite hand and leg so that you can raise your right arm. Raise your right leg left leg and bring them both out to the side and back to the middle, out to the side and back in. Make sure breathing nice and deep as you come back in and hands down, go ahead and push yourself back are for the first time up into dumb or dog. So for down or dog, let's get into the position here. You can peddle your legs. Really? Loosen up. You get into the position here, taking a deep breath. You want to push your hands down so that your armpits come closer to the mat, your elbows. Try to rotate them out a little bit. It helps your shoulder blades and helps keep your shoulders away from your ear. Be careful not to arch your back Here. We keep it nice and straight as you lift your hips towards the ceiling. So on your next inhale, you're going to raise your right leg up. If you want to, you can bend it and open your hip just getting used to being here, then come back to Central. You're right. Foot is straight. They were going to bend it forward, coming into plank, touching the right knee to your right elbow and then push it back and then go to the other side, right knee, toe left elbow and push it back and then right knee to the middle and plop it down. Take a deep breath in because you're in front of his lunch here and deep breath out and deep breath in. Bring two legs together, coming to a flat back, placing your hands wherever they need to be, then exhaling, dropping down and shaking that head. Oh, inhale up. Exhale down again on then slowly, slowly, slowly. Bring your head up. Inhale your arms up. Exhale prayer, inhale your arms up and exhale forward. You can walk or jump your feet back to Chennai. Ranga Exhale down, inhale up. We're facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog. This time we're lifting your left foot up in the air. Feel free to open your hip for a minute. You want Just loosen it up a little, flexing that top foot squaring off your hips. Inhale and then exhale left. Need left elbow. Inhale. Push it back. Exhale to the opposite elbow to your right elbow. Inhale up. Exhale to the middle. Bring it in for runner's lunge on the left side. They get deep breath here is you flat on your back on deep breath out to settle deep breath in. Bring your feet together and deep without folding forward and deep within flat back and exhale forward again. That's slowly inhale your way all the way up and exhale prayer. Inhale your arms up. Exhale down, inhale flat back, walk or jump your feet back. Chad Aronda Inhale upward facing dog Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale the right leg up. Exhale between your feet and come on up for warrior two Now one warrior to your hips. Air open. Make sure that your knee is not going over your foot, but you wanna open it enough so you can see your big toe arms. Come out to the side. Don't let your shoulders come up. If you feel they're coming up, go ahead. Flip your palm's. Bend your elbows so you can squeeze your back shoulder blades together and then string them out. Gazing over. You're right. Middle finger. Deep breath in and deep breath out. One more deep breath in and cartwheel your hands down into plank chattering Go inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog inhale Look forward. Exhale. Jump your feet up, Hold forward. Inhale the flat back Exhale down, inhale arms come up and exhale the prayer. Inhale arms up. Exhale four fold. Inhale the flat back Exhale four fold. Inhale flat back. Exhale, walk or jump your feet back for chattering gah in hell. Upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog things Time we're lifting your left leg up. Look between your hands and bring it down for Warrior two on the left side. So go ahead and check your form. Feel free to flip your arms and squeeze your shoulder blades back together to make sure there not only about your ears looking over the left and then make sure that you're not leaning into your back hip. If you're actually leaning forward to the front hip, making sure that your public bonus tucked under and your back and spine is nice and elongated, feel free to go as deep as you like without putting your knee over your toes. You wanna make sure it's right over your ankle. One more deep breath in and exhale cart Wheeler here your hands down Chad Aronda. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale Town and facing dog Inhale, walk or jump your feet forward. Inhale up and exhale down. Inhale flat back. Exhale down one more time and inhale slowly coming all the way up. Exhale prayer. You should be nice and warm by now, so go ahead. Inhale your arms up. Exhale all the way down. Inhale the flat back, and this time just step your foot back to come in. Cartwheel your arms up into Warrior two. Take a deep breath here and on your next exhale going to lean forward into side angle. Now you can stay here with your elbow to your knee, or you can plant your hand down and you can reach your arm over at any point. Deep breath you feel free to bind. Here is well, if you'd like really strengthening your legs here as well. Stretching deep breath in on deep breath out deep breath in on deep breath out. Place your hands back if you were bound and inhale harms up keeping that front knee bent. Come back with your right arm back up towards this guy. Deep breath in and you breath out. One more deep breath in and you breath out and coming back to center. Cartwheel your hands back down foot comes back down to chat. Teranga. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog looking forward, Either walk or jump your hands to the middle. Inhale flat back. Exhale forward folds and then inhale your way up slowly and exhale hands to prayer. Inhale your arms up. Exhale forward fold. Inhale the flat back. It's time. Bring your right leg back for warrior two on the left side. Get your posture nice and set here. Inhale on your next, exhaling forward to come into side angle. Wherever you're comfortable. Remember breathing deeply. If you can't breathe deeply where you are, just back off the post a little bit. Feel free to bind if you'd like deep breath in deep breath out deep breath in and deep breath out. If you're bouncing, you put your hands down. How one more deep breath bring you back to the center. Keeping that front knee bent come all the way back left her up cheap. Deep breath in and exhale out your backhand could go anywhere you like. Maybe it's up here, but anywhere except on your knee. Go ahead, Come back up to center. Cartwheel the arms down. Please come to plank. Exhale chattering gah or knees Gestion. Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog Inhale. Bring your feet forward by walking or jumping flat back and exhale forward. Fold mhm and inhale Slowly Work your way up, Arms up in the air. Exhale to prayer. Beautiful. Separate your feet a little bit about hip width apart. When we do a few fools like that, they tend toe float around wherever they want, So I want to get them back to hip with Yeah, big in hell up and exhale down. Go ahead and take your hands and put them underneath your feet and then drop your head. This is a good time to just breathe. Shake your head. Yes, she could. No. And if you can't get your hands under, you can bend your knees here. This rag doll position is not so much about stretching the hamstrings. It's about decompressing your spine, so do whatever you need to do with your legs in order to let your head, Hank. Next, inhale looking forward. Taking your feet out from beneath you. Inhale to a flat back, exhale down and then come back to plank. We're gonna come into side planks to bring your right hand to the middle and then turn first side plank. Now you can put your knee down and stay in this position here. The goal is to get your shoulder over your wrist and to get your hand up to this guy. If this isn't enough for you, you can bring your feet together and stack them one on the other. If this is too much for you, you could separate your feet to make a little easier. Deep breath in and deep breath out I am. Bring both hands down on push back to child's pose, Mom or deep breath here they won't come back. Check all fours, then again to plank. So you go to plank on the left side. So left hand to the middle as you come over to the side. Then bring your arms up. Make sure your hips aren't down. You want them up again. Feel free to put your knee down if that's where you are or you can put your feet town or stacked deep breath in mhm and deep breath out. Putting your hand down. Coming back. Chat servers. Yeah, When you're ready, come back into plank either knees, chest and chin or chattering Gah in hell. Upward facing dog. Yeah, Exhale downward facing dog. Take a deep breath here and lift your right leg But now we're gonna bend your foot, flex it underneath and flex your foot and open up your hips Looking under your right arm. You can wiggle your foot around, roll your ankle a little, always taking deep breaths and bring your feet back together. Go ahead, lift up your left leg as much as you can and then open your hip. Bend your knee, flex your foot. Gays under left thing is great for opening up your hips, your hamstrings and then strengthening your upper back as we stay in downward dog. Feel free. Really? Your ankle deep breath in. I'm gonna come back to center. Bring your feet down. Yeah, come forward to chat Aronda or any suggestion, inhale upward facing dog. Exhale downward facing dog either Walk or jump between your feet, inhaled a flat back Exhale sword fold and inhale Slowly bring yourself up their arms up T X, Help her. Great. Let's go ahead. Come to the middle on. We're going into side angle, so turn your feet towards the right arms. Come out and you're going to really stretch. Lean over to the right as far as you can, then come down. Imagine yourself between two panes of glass, so try not thio. Push your hips backwards or forwards and then gaze up to the sky with your arm. Oppa's Well, you can have your foot here on your ankle, your shin, or you can come down to the ground as well. Deep breath in Maddow. Deep breath in and out. Feel free to drop your hand back to bind as well. Oh, come on, back up and switch your feet to come to the other side. Really lean to the left. Pop your hip out to the right, then fall down, gazing up so long as it's not hurting your neck and then putting her hand. Whoever is comfortable for you, you feel free. Do you bind by putting your hand on your site. Yeah, deep breath in, then. Deeper thou deep breath in and deep breath out, Marty, breath as you come back to the center. Great hands coming down. Let's come. Bring your feet together for a bouncing pose. We're gonna put all of your weight into your left leg as you grab a hold of your right shin foot or inside of the foot. It's really whatever is most comfortable for you personally. I like the inside of my foot or my ankle. Left hand comes in front until to the Sykes, you'll get a better view. Left hand comes in front as you push your right foot back into your right hand and lift into dancing Shida and go wherever you're comfortable. Doesn't have to be this high. It might even be just right here breathing deeply. Wherever you are finding a spot on the wall or before toe, Look at steady yourself and deep breath in, and as we exhale, you're gonna come up. You're not gonna put your foot down. You're gonna bring it to the front, give it a little squeeze, then place it down. All right, free a shake out that left leg as we come to the other side, so putting all of your weight in your right leg, balancing herself, finding that point on the floor or the water. Look at reaching back for your shin or your foot, but the inside of your foot inside of your foot gives your bicep a stretch, too. So that's why I like it. Brent hand goes forward, flip your palm, then push your left foot into your left hand so that you can raise up wherever you're comfortable and you can balance deep breaths wherever you are. Mhm. The one more deep breath in. Go a little further and then as you exhale, bring your foot down. Don't let it touch. Bring it in front. Give it a little squeeze and put it down. Go ahead, shake out that right foot. Great job. Alright, we're going Thio. Come down to sit for our seated Siri's. Go ahead and bend your left foot underneath, crossing your right over. If it's not comfortable to bend your bottom foot, you're more than welcome to keep it out like this. I find it a little bit better to bend, so go ahead and sit down, moving any flesh so you sit on your sit bones, really? Bring your chest forward hugging your knee as you put your right hand behind you right up against your spine and inhale your left arm up. Exhale first seated twist. Now you can stay here or grab your foot and slowly start to strain it to get that I t band that affect so many parts of our body. Deep breath in and deep breath out. One more deep breath in Exhale your foot down and counter twist. Go ahead and switch your legs around so that your right foot is now underneath. Your left foot is over. Remember, you can straighten that right foot if you want. Otherwise, place your hand back by your spine. Sit up nice and tall. Inhale the right arm up. Exhale Albert and me so you can twist big inhale and exhale and inhale. If you can grab, hold the outside of your left foot and slowly begin to straighten your leg. We're having that I t band. You can even cross your left foot even more of your right. For more intense stretch, inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and go ahead. Place that foot down, hurrying around to a counter strip. All right, we're going to come forward and use our block. Remember, If you don't have a block, you're more than welcome to use books. Um, let's say you is not at all. But for this one, I think you're gonna want this. So we're going to land our backs first and go ahead and put the block right underneath. Now the lower your block height, the more intense this is going to be. So if it's low like this, it's going to be fairly intense. You can also put it like this on its side, and that will be a little bit better on a little bit easier. Because what we're gonna do is we're gonna stretch our quads and our hip flexors here. So the way we're going to do that coming up, resting your tailbone right here, Lower back. You're going to bend your right foot until it finds your hand, and you're gonna point it. And this might be where you are right here. But if not, you're gonna slowly inch it back. Like so until you find spot where it's good for you as a nice stretch. So Go ahead. Deep inhale. Try to make sure that your hips air centered on the block. You don't wanna be leaning to one side. It's like you want your hips centered. Parallel to the floor. Deep breath in. Yeah. And, um Mama, a deep breath in and inch your foot back to where? Waas Go ahead and lift your hips and tuck your pelvis. You just give your lower back a break for a minute, then go ahead and put it down. And if you want to switch up where your hips were on the block, that's fine, too. I'm going to go down to the other level here. So now we're doing the left leg. Go ahead and inch it back wherever you are pointing it, trying to get your foot underneath and then dragging it back until you find where is a good stretch for you again keeping your hips nice and flat and wherever you are. If you want just a slightly more intense stretch, go ahead and tuck your pelvis under, and it will pull a little bit more on your hip flexors on your quad. Save you more intense. Stretch wherever you are, is where you should be so deep breath in and out, you can wiggle it back. Go ahead and bring your knees up. Tuck him in round. Just fine. To counter. Act what we're doing with our lower back here as well. Go ahead. Place your feet back down. Now we're going to do both at the same time. So go ahead and slowly start inching both of your feet back again. You might stop here, and that's OK for this one because we're doing both at the same time. We're going to leave our need, our toes like this. It's supposed to pointing them, talking them over because what will end up doing is raising her hips ourselves like so and then going to wherever the stretch is good for you. It might be here if you want. You can keep going to sort of tabletop like this with your elbows balancing with your feet here for nice whole body stretch deep breath and exhale slowly took your head. Bring yourself back where you were. Remove the lower block but it's somewhere out of the way and tuck your feet in surrounding and you can rock side to side. Really giving a lower back and break and then also giving your hip flexes in your quads Break a swell. Great. From here, we're gonna go ahead and lift up our feet. Try to get yourself in a nice L shape here, and you can stay here if you'd like in Candlestick, or we can push up into shoulder stand. So if you're ready to push up into shoulders and you can bend your knees if you'd like or keep them straight, you're going to tuck under using your hands to support your hips until you can push all the way up and then try to get your hips over your shoulders like so you can mess around with your feet, pointing and flexing, rolling your ankles. And if you want, you could do some splits. The idea is that we're letting all of the blood out of her legs back down to her heart. You can do a little butterfly you can twist here. We're just spending some time inverted. Since we spend so much time right side up, I hope when you're ready, let's come into plow. So just bring your feet over wherever you can. You might need to adjust your shoulders here, and then, if you want to get down, touch your feet. Clasp your hands behind. Just like that, Slowly, slowly roll yourself down and bring your feet down. We're going to counter Act that by coming into fish. So we're going to bring our fans underneath our tush legs, come out straight and then bring your elbows underneath. You push. Squeeze your shoulder blades. You're pushing your chest forward. Arch your head back and deep breaths in here. If you want to come into full fish, you can lift your feet up a little bit more intense, mom or deep breath here, exhale down. Releasing your hands, letting your feet come. A little bit of part flop out. Palms up for final Relax, ation. This is your time to relax. Suspend This time thinking about absolutely nothing. Let your breathing go. Let your head face, neck and shoulders relax. Take your tongue off the roof of your mouth. Let your shoulders and arms completely flop out two sides. Relax your abdomen, your hips, your legs, your knees and definitely your feet. You can stay here is long as you like, but when you're ready, wake up your finger fingers and toes by Woodling them. Bring your knees up. You could roll over to the side and help yourself up to see the position keeping your eyes closed. Go ahead and place your hands in front of you in prayer. Deep breath in with your eyes closed till deep breath out. I'm more deep breath and bring your shoulders all up to your ears and then exhale them all the way down. One more deep breath in and as you exhale, just lean forward to give that back of Glassell. Stretch on the eyes open and walk yourself back up. Now I must take.

Class Description


  • Know what to do before and after shoots to minimize pain and maximize concentration and creativity.
  • Add longevity to your photography career.
  • Get targeted relief to the areas that hurt photographers most.
  • Have a boost of energy levels for both work and home.


Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is a set of easy-to-follow movements that'll bring relief to your photographer pain points.

In addition to four, full yoga classes, you'll get 6 Quick Fix Videos that'll address only the target problem areas you want, without the extra fluff and time that full workouts take.

Start feeling better and giving your clients 110%. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your pain will be alleviated.

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is about:
  • Quality of Life
  • Longevity of your Career
  • Brand Image
  • Mental Health
  • Focus
  • Creativity

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  • Photographers who don't think they could do yoga because they’re not flexible (I promise you can do this!).
  • People who want yoga routines that are effective and don’t take an hour to do.
  • All of those that are tired of feeling like they have a monster hangover after a photoshoot.
  • Photographers look to reverse the damage that lugging and shooting with heavy gear has done.


I’m Vanessa Joy, a wedding and portrait photographer in the Austin and NYC area.

I love photography, but MAN That gear is heavy! Even knowing the best ways to hold a camera, I wound up visiting a chiropractor three times a week, going to physical therapy, trying acupuncture, massage, and even steroid injections.

I’d had enough. Enough of being sore after a wedding or shoot day. Enough feeling my nerves pinch and muscles tense every time I picked up my camera. Not anymore.

The way I beat the pain, found loads of energy, reached my physical goals, and gained confidence was easier than I thought. And it was way less expensive than the thousands I was spending on doctors and therapy.

After speaking to photographers all around the world at places like FStoppers, CreativeLive, WPPI, Photo Plus Expo, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, and many, many more, I know I'm not alone! I’m committed to helping photographers eliminate typical photographer aliments and feel great about themselves and their careers.

Discover EXACTLY what I’ve been doing to extend the longevity of my photography career and be able to spend the day after long wedding weekends playing with my son and daughter, completely pain-free.

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