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Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

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Vanessa Joy

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2

Vanessa Joy

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go ahead and start in a nice, comfortable seated position. Feel free if you want to, to take your block and actually sit on that. If that's more comfortable for you, hands wrists on your knees. Close your eyes and just begin to send yourself into today's yoga practice. Start studying your breath. Take a deep breath in and out, deep breath in and deep breath out, and then your next inhale. Bring your hands up to the sky, opening your eyes and exhale. Walk out. You sit on your hands, your elbows feel free. Yeah, to drop your head. Okay, I was always feel free toe. Loosen up any of the kinks. Roll your head around if you want, and then the next inhale slowly walked back. Inhale the arms up and exhale over to the right. Take another deep breath in really long and elongating your neck, your spine and deep breath out, thinking about bending a little further without lifting your sit bones off the floor and inhale back up and exhale to the other side. Try keeping your gaze upwards, but if that...

bothers your neck, you can come back to neutral, even look down. If you want? Nice inhale in elongating. Exhale, going a little bit deeper and inhale. Come back to center and exhale to prayer. Go ahead and come to all force. Do a few cat and cows here. Inhale up, arching her back, easing up towards the ceiling and exhale. Rounding your back looking down towards your belly button. Inhale arch on. Exhale down one more inhale arch and exhale round. Go ahead, come Thio neutral spine and we're going to lift our left arm forward as we bring our right arm back. It's too much for you. You can keep your foot on the ground, but ideally, you were coming parallel to the floor. Try not to let your your back arch like this. It's a tendency of mind. You wanna keep your core engaged and your hips square. Inhale and exhale down on the same thing on the other side to right arm out left leg back. Keeping the core engaged, inhale and exhale. You bring your hands down. We're gonna go back to the other side this time all in one motion. Inhale up and then exhale. Crunch it forward. Need elbow in help up in long gate, Exhale forward Inhale, open Exhale crunched in and bring it back. We can do the other side Inhale long game exhale crunch Inhale Mom Gate, exhale, crunch. Inhale more time out. Exhale all that air and come back to neutral. Do one more exercise like this. Bring your left hand out your right foot back. Reach around to grab her ankle and you can stay right here. Or push your leg into your hand to read your leg up. Try to keep your gaze about 3 ft ahead of you. Deep breath in and exhale. Go ahead, flip to the other side, Right hand out, left back. Reach around to grab your foot. Stay here or push up deep breath. Remember, if you can't breathe deeply, you just want to back off a little bit. So deep breath in and out. One more deep breath in and exhale out from here. We're gonna go ahead and push up into downward facing dog. Take a second right here to work out any kinks, you compel your legs back and forth, take deep breaths and then come to center Nice and still, if you're more comfortable, you can widen your feet a little bit wider than your hips for this, because it will give you a little more support. We're gonna take your left hand and reach around the outside of your right foot gays underneath your right armpit for a nice stretch and then come back to center in this time with your right hand. Reach back deep breaths, and you can always pull a little bit more on your leg. Help bring you underneath, opening up that shoulder blade and then strengthening the other one and back to center. Look forward and either walk or in jump your hands between your feet. Deep breath in flat back, either having your fingertips down your shins or even on your diess that exhale forward around. Drop your spot on the rag doll. Inhale slowly, slowly, slowly coming on up to stand. All right, feel free to shake out a little bit. Get your feet right below your hips. For this, spread your toes wide. We're gonna take a deep inhale up and exhale fold and inhale. Slap back again, placing your hands wherever you need to get that flat back and exhale. We're gonna bring a right foot back into Runner's lunge now you can stay here or you're more than welcome to put your foot down. Keep your toes flex, though. So wherever you are, straighten your back as much as possible. If your knee is down, feel free to just sometimes maybe toy with it. By pushing it up, you're going to place your right hand down on the ground and then twist towards your bent knee. Bring your arm up deep breath in deeper. This is great for strengthening your legs as well as Levi getting tension on your spine and you're gonna put your hands down both on the inside of your left foot. This time I prefer to drop my knee, but you can keep it up. You can heel toe your foot out a little bit more. We're gonna come into a lizard. It's a really nice stretch here, so you can point your foot and leave it flat in the back if you'd like or you can leave it up. This puts too much pressure on my knee, so I'd like to put it down. You can stay here or come to your elbows on stretch. This way. The knee that's bent You're more than welcome to kind of roll to the outside of your foot, different kind of stretch. Then bring it on back in Homer, deep breath in and deep breath out and on your next inhale. Go ahead, walk your hands up. Coming back into that runner's lunge brings both feet back, so your plank and then exhale Knees, chest, chin or chat. Aronda Inhale upward facing dog. Exhale down on facing dog inhale. Look up between your hands. Either walk or jump in hell. Fight back and exhale. Forward fold. Inhale your arms all the way up and exhale prayer. Inhale arms up. Exhale for it. Fold. Inhale to flat back and exhale. This time, let's bring her left leg back into runners. Lunch again, staying here or placing your knee down. Try toe gaze a little bit forward, really straightening your spine. Left hand plants down As you twist towards your bent leg. Bring your right hand up into the air, deep breath in and deep breath out. One more deep breath in and exhale. Both hands are on the inside of your right foot heel. Toe that right foot out a little bit, and then again, feel free to keep it like straight or drop it down Like I'd like to dio take a deep breath and make sure you're back is nice and street before you go any further whether to your elbows you can drop your head if you like. Some people also like to use the block here. Then you could come to your elbows just a little bit higher. Feel free to let your right foot roll to the outside Can you A different kind of stretch and then bring it back in on your next inhale Bring your hands back Took that foot under and push back to downward facing dog on your next inhale Look forward and jump or walk your feet Exhale forward, fold and inhale Coming all the way up and exhale prayer All right, inhale up and exhale down Inhale up. And this time we're bringing our left foot back. Coming in toward your one on the right side, Arms coming up square hips Wait. Coming to the outside edge of foot in the back and in the front. Really spreading those toes and tucking the pelvis under case comes up, shoulders down, Inhale on Exhale. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. Bring your hands down and push back to downward facing dog. Take your breath here, inhale and exhale on your next inhale. Look forward walker. Jump your feet to the middle of your hands. Inhale flat back. Exhale forward fold. Inhale coming all the way up and exhale prayer. Inhale up. Exhale forward fault. Inhale flat back. Exhale. The right foot comes back for warrior one on the left side. If you feel a little wobbly, you can always heel, toe your feet a little wider and then get into your stance. Squaring your hips forward. Tucking the pelvic six under shoulders down and gazing upward. Really great stretch for the hip flexor and, of course, like strengthening. Yeah, deep breath in and deep breath out, hands down back into downward facing dog. Take a deep breath in and deep breath out. Deep breath in looking forward, walking or jumping your hands between your legs and inhale flat back. Exhale forward phones, inhale arms up and exhale prayer. So we're gonna open our legs to a nice straddle. Inhale arms up and exhale with a flat back. Come forward as much as you can tell your body is parallel with the floor in now and then exhale your hands down to the middle. Bring your left foot to the middle, your right hand to right hip as you twist towards the right and bring your hand up deep breath in and they breath out deep breath in and deep breath out to switch your hands right hand to the center left hand toe left tip to make sure they stay square and twisted left. Bring your left arm to the ceiling. Feel free to keep your head looking up. But if it bothers you, you can drop your gaze deep breath in and you breath out. You breath him, um, deep without bring your hands to the bottom and then slowly rolling up. Go ahead and put your hands behind your lower back with your fingertips down. Just take a deep breath up and literally back, pushing her hips forward. Deep breath in. Thank you. Breath out deep breath in and deep without coming back to center. Go ahead, bring your feet together. We're gonna come into a nice bouncing pose tree so you can find your balance here first, spreading your toes, but put your weight on your left foot bring your right foot, either to your ankle calf or above your knee and hands come into prayer. Feel free to find a spot on the floor or wall in front of you or gays just passed your fingertips from here. Inhale your arms up and exhale. Inhale and exhale your arms down and foot comes down. Go ahead, shake out that left foot. Your right foot gets all the weight now, so spread your toes and then bring your left foot to ankle calf or inner thigh. Bringing your hands to center. Find a good spot for you to focus on so you can balance deep breath in and you breath down and on your next inhale slowly lift your arms. Hopefully gaze upwards, too, to fully extend your tree. Deep breath in and out. Deep breath in and exhale your hands down through prayer. Drop that foot. You can shake out. You're right, like come on over and find yourself a nice seated position on your map. Bring your feet in front of you. Remove any flesh so you can really sit on your sit bones here. Straight legs for this, as well as the straight back you're going to inhale and long gait your spine and exhale. Tilt at the hips, leaning forward as far as you can go without rounding your back. Keep your feet flexed and if you can reach your feet great helps keep them flexed and then go wherever is comfortable for you. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Go ahead, walk your feet back and then this time, open your legs to the width of your mat. Go ahead and readjust if you need to, so you're sitting nice and straight. Same thing deep breath in longer your spine. Then walk your hands out. You'll notice you're stretching a slightly different parts of your hamstring. Deep breath in and deep breath out deep breath in and you breath out. Then go ahead and walk your hands up and bring your feet back together. This time, since their hamstrings air little looser, we're gonna concentrate unfolding forward, but we are going to round so that we stretch out our spine. So start off the same way in long, getting her back as much as possible. Exhale tilt forward with a flat back as far as you can and then round spine and drop your head. Feel free to move here. If you would like Thio rolling your head a little bit to really stretch out your spine. Okay, remember to take deep breaths, and when you're ready, slowly walk yourself up and we're going to go on to our backs, so roll onto your back. However you're comfortable, we go through a nice legs. Siri's here, so go ahead and bend your right knee in towards your stomach and come slightly out so that's close to your armpit. You can stay here or grab hold of your foot for a little bit. Extra attention really squeezing, squeezing, squeezing out the right side. Releasing all those toxins from your organs. Take a deep breath in and exhale out, putting your foot down and then switching, bringing your left foot up again. You can stay here if that's good enough for you or kind of come a little closer grabbing onto the bottom of your foot really squeezing in almost cutting off blood circulation to your left leg. Deep breath and exhale, Inhale and exhale your foot back are gonna inhale straight in your leg about Thio here, you can grab hold of your thigh or grab hold of your calf. Stretch to wherever you're comfortable here, flexing your foot for that added stretch right behind your knee and in your calf. If this is enough for you, you are more than welcome to put your foot where every like including I'll play to the ground deep breaths and bring your foot back down and other side comes up stretching out that hamstring. We're doing a lot of hamstring stretches to really loosen up the hamstring so that our next move, which will focus on your I T band, can focus on that better rather than focusing on your hamstring. So go to wherever you're comfortable on. Then go ahead. Exhale down. Good are going thio, bend both of her knees. Bring the right foot up and over to crisscross and push Open that knee. Go ahead and bring your hand through your legs as you lift your left leg with your right elbow pushing open your right leg to get a nice hip stretch. Now here. I like to strain my leg, too. Why not stretch two legs at the same time, right? It's really stretch that out. Deep breath in and you breath out again. All of these poses you're just going to wear your body is comfortable. No further switch legs. Bring your left foot over your right. Grab through your left leg. Using a left up, let a push open your left knee coming into your comfortable And then, of course, if you like, you may also straighten that right foot. Bring it in. Don't let your hips lift off the floor. You wanna keep your hips down on the ground with your back Nice and flat. Deep breath in and deep breath out and breath in and exhale it out. All right, I'm going to get into that. I t band that I promised you a new straighten your left leg down on your right leg is gonna come up nice and straight now, preferably Your leg is straight here and you're going to hold on to the outside of your leg if you can grab your foot even better. But wherever you are is fine and everyone is slowly cross it over. Your body starts stretching that I t band. The more you have your like closer to you, the more you'll feel in your A T. Even even if you're like is bent. Actually, what's training? It is better. Another option to get into this is to bend your knee, cross it over and then slowly started to straighten it. And you can feel the I t band really stretch and keep your legs flexed. Your to pointing your foot will not be as effective in hitting. That spot is flexing. When you're ready, bring it back and set it down to switch. Who left leg comes up either straight or you can start with the bent leg. Bring it over your body and then do straighten your leg as much as you can. You're really going to feel that I tip it all the way from your hip, running down the outside of your leg to the outside of your foot. It's a huge, huge, huge way to stretch, and it alleviates a lot of pain from your hips from your lower back, as well as your knees and your ankles and feet just from this one stretch. So I had inhale back and bring both feet down. We're gonna go into a twist, so bend your knee up your right knee up right arm goes out and then twist over to the left side as you gaze to the right deep breath in. Then deep breath out. Lower back is going to be so thankful for this afterwards. It's a great way to relieve tension there as well as strengthen it. Come back to the center and you're going to switch legs so left leg goes up, left arm goes out and go ahead and cross over the right side, gazing over to the left deep breaths. Here. Did you also have the option of straightening your leg Here brings your I t band back into it a little bit, and it's just a little bit more intense and come back to center. We're gonna do a couple of bridges here just to strengthen the lower back that we just worked. Go ahead and bring your feet fairly close together, about hip width apart and then close to your hands. As you lay your hands slapped by your side, lift up your hips and push them towards the ceiling as much as possible. Really, um, squeezing your hamstrings, your glutes and your core and then bring it down we did this one more time. Push up this time. Clasp your hands below. Scoot your shoulders under to really push your chest. Open deep. Inhale with your lungs. Expand really nicely and exhale down perfect and then bring your knees into your chest. Who round out your back that you just arched and bring your legs out and your hands by your side palms facing up her final relax ation and deep breaths and you breath out. Now just let your breathing go. Concentrate on relaxing your facial muscles. Relax your scalp back of your neck that your shoulders melt into the mat. Arms from fingers being held up by the support of the floor. The rest of your body just flopping open and enjoying your time toe lay here, letting our bodies absorb all the work. We just did feel free to stay here long as you'd like, and then when you're ready still, just start to wiggle your fingers and your toes. Stretch your whole body of putting your arms above your head feet together and pointing them, making believe somebody is grabbing your wrists and someone else's grabbing your ankles and just pulling and lengthening. You out on. Go ahead, bend your knees, roll the one side or the other and push yourself up. Find a nice, comfortable seated position for yourself and hands go back to right where you started. On your knees. Inhale and exhale Palmer. Inhale and exhale and one more inhale and exhale. Slowly open your eyes. No mistake.

Class Description


  • Know what to do before and after shoots to minimize pain and maximize concentration and creativity.
  • Add longevity to your photography career.
  • Get targeted relief to the areas that hurt photographers most.
  • Have a boost of energy levels for both work and home.


Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is a set of easy-to-follow movements that'll bring relief to your photographer pain points.

In addition to four, full yoga classes, you'll get 6 Quick Fix Videos that'll address only the target problem areas you want, without the extra fluff and time that full workouts take.

Start feeling better and giving your clients 110%. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your pain will be alleviated.

Yoga for Photographers: Part 2 is about:
  • Quality of Life
  • Longevity of your Career
  • Brand Image
  • Mental Health
  • Focus
  • Creativity

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  • Photographers who don't think they could do yoga because they’re not flexible (I promise you can do this!).
  • People who want yoga routines that are effective and don’t take an hour to do.
  • All of those that are tired of feeling like they have a monster hangover after a photoshoot.
  • Photographers look to reverse the damage that lugging and shooting with heavy gear has done.


I’m Vanessa Joy, a wedding and portrait photographer in the Austin and NYC area.

I love photography, but MAN That gear is heavy! Even knowing the best ways to hold a camera, I wound up visiting a chiropractor three times a week, going to physical therapy, trying acupuncture, massage, and even steroid injections.

I’d had enough. Enough of being sore after a wedding or shoot day. Enough feeling my nerves pinch and muscles tense every time I picked up my camera. Not anymore.

The way I beat the pain, found loads of energy, reached my physical goals, and gained confidence was easier than I thought. And it was way less expensive than the thousands I was spending on doctors and therapy.

After speaking to photographers all around the world at places like FStoppers, CreativeLive, WPPI, Photo Plus Expo, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, and many, many more, I know I'm not alone! I’m committed to helping photographers eliminate typical photographer aliments and feel great about themselves and their careers.

Discover EXACTLY what I’ve been doing to extend the longevity of my photography career and be able to spend the day after long wedding weekends playing with my son and daughter, completely pain-free.

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