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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Your Photojournalism Survival Kit

Ron Haviv

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to create a live I'm your host ken klosterman for your photo journalism survival kit with ron haviv now ron haviv is a world renowned photojournalist with over twenty five years of experience, he's covered twenty five different wars and has traveled to over one hundred countries. One is a co founder of seven agency who creative live has partnered with for a series of exclusive classes. Ron's work has been featured in the loo at the united nations, and he has dedicated his career to document in conflict and raising awareness of human rights issues. Please help me welcome to the creative I've stage ron haviv guys, thanks for coming thank you, canna thank you, creative live I'm very pleased to be the second photographer part of the seven series with creative live there another five more to go and it's going to be really very interesting today, a lot a lot to discuss and before I kind of get into the depths of the course there, I know there are a lot of people out there that really...

don't know my work very well. So I prepared a short video just to kind of give you guys like a little bit of a background on me and then we'll kind of dive into what we're going to be doing today so let's just start off with with this video ah twenty four run the shot, the photograph that launched his career. The photojournalists remember those horrible pictures of newly elected vice president ford covered head to toe with blood, beaten mercilessly by so call in the deep attack, the attraction and the repulsion the impulse, not a look duty, not flinch he's just back from afghanistan but has some of his closest calls during the war in the balkans in the nineties. Since then, he has covered the fall of the berlin wall cocaine ward in colombia, refugees in rwanda and political of people and taking a season's photographer familiar with haiti calls it anarchy is sort of a combination of political than dead as well as just basic vandalism, looting people, feeding and taking advantage of the lawlessness that exists today just returned from dar for sudan, where hundreds of thousands have died already due to violent starvation and disease, and more than two million have been displaced from their home. Ron haviv spent a month they're your photos are credited with pushing the us to eventually oust noriega and george bush invaded panama. He gave a speech to the nation. The first thing he said was we all remember these photographs from panama. He uses one justifications for the invasion, so at that time I really believe the photography and journalism could really play a part in international politics ron haviv is a special brand of war correspondent he risked his life to bring back harrowing pictures from the front lines war photographer especially for one understand the risks associated with going to work each day perhaps better than anyone for them there is no story without a picture and getting that picture means getting as close to the action as possible. Robert capa, the legendary war photographer, once said if your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough to think that you're the last person somebody sees before they die is, uh I think it's it's very hard to conceptualize that understand it but I've been I've been in places where I have been able to intervene and save somebody and there've been times where unfortunately people have been executed in front of me and when when you're at that point that I have to do my utmost to make sure that I can lease document that until the world what happened wait wait eleven one there is always some things that we can do that we can participate that we can effect change and by using the knowledge that we get from photography as education as information that enables us to make better choices and make sure that people that represent us make better choices thank you very much so that's just a little bit about about my work and this this class today is really going to be about all the lessons that I learned doing all that type of work and it's going to really apply to kind of all types of photography is not specifically just about war, not just about feature, not just about travel they're going to be various different lessons and ideas that you guys will be able to take away that can really help you in your career in the idea for this class has really basically comes from my one of my true beliefs about trying to make sure that the next generation of photographers can carry on message doing whatever kind of stories they want to do and so by hopefully helping you avoid the mistakes that I've made and letting you kind of hit the ground running at a higher level, it'll just make your jobs easier and so this is really like everything we're going to talk about today is everything uh that has to do with getting to the place where you can make a photograph, run your business, be able to get the work out there but we're not really talk about the actual act of photography, but all these little things from the way you travel the way you invoice all these kind of little bits and pieces are really intrinsic to actually doing, doing this job well and really enabling you to be able to focus on the most important thing which of course is is the photography so to really kind of get into this and so kind of going to this like idea first of all is like not why are you here looking at this class but why are you here? Is a photographer like what what do you want to do and what aunt how do you want to do it? What what do you want to say? And I think that that's like a really important thing that photographers have to do it like you kind of especially like in terms of the world, the photojournalism people are like, oh, this is super romantic it's really interesting and you're going to go off and do and they don't really kind of think about all the different reasons about why they're doing it. What does it really mean to them and how they're going to make sure that they can not only do the story that's in front of them but this story that they're going to do a year from there five years from there and so on this is a very, very, very difficult profession to make a living in but it is totally possible and people can do it and people are doing it but you have to be really smart about it, you have to really think about it, so these are some of the things that were going to think about and talk about today and hopefully you know, they're going to be lessons that are gonna be valuable to you, and I think that for many of you, they're going to things like, oh, yeah, I do that. I know that that's really basic and then they'll be all son will be like one thing, like I've never thought about that before, and it could make a huge difference. And then also, we're going to ask you guys to contribute some of your own ideas because these air this is the way I've been doing things and what I've learned, but always when I teach this class, I hear from other photographers, I get great ideas and that's one of this beauty about the photography community, how we can really help each other kind of really work and be successful. And, of course, in the world of photojournalism, the most important thing is the stories that were trying to tell it's really about the people on their stories. So anything that we can enable us to be able to do that and be successful ise incredibly important.

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Ratings and Reviews

KAren OLlis

Thank you Ron and Creative Live for the thoughtful and expansive course. Even for a pro, the information was often enlightening and definitely inspirational. The best way to learn is from a seasoned professional who knows how to teach in an organized manner. Appreciate the support materials as well. Will be out shooting stories no doubt! All the best, Karen Ollis, Karen Ollis Photo

Connie Kennedy

Ron Haviv presents his generous insights and experience in a wonderfully paced and very clearly delivered manner. Combine him with the Creative Live platform and you have a magical educational experience. I'm so grateful to attend this course. I wish I had heard a presentation like this years back; it would have spared me some mistakes. If you're sitting on the fence buy this course. Tap into his wisdom. Enjoy.


I've been a following Ron Haviv for years. Love his expressions in delivering explanations. It's amazing to see and hear from the photographer behind the photos. Well structured course. Having Kenna's facilitation makes this workshop so worth watching. Thank you creativeLive for this great sensory experience!

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