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Your Photojournalism Survival Kit

Lesson 12 of 12

Taking Care of Yourself When You Get Home

Ron Haviv

Your Photojournalism Survival Kit

Ron Haviv

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12. Taking Care of Yourself When You Get Home

Lesson Info

Taking Care of Yourself When You Get Home

Riding back home the first thing I do is I take I take my drives and immediately download the one of the drives into a raid system or whatever system you have to make sure that there's another another copy uh that way that everything secure and I'm pretty sure everything's okay? And then when you arrived back home after you take care of it once again, take stock of yourself because whatever story you're doing it's goingto have an emotional toll can be positive, it can be negative, but whatever it is, you need to kind of understand where you are. How do you feel if you're doing things that might be coming back from an earthquake or you're photographing funeral or something of that there's something has sort of a negative emotional toll understand like are you suffering from ptsd? There are things like the dart center, which is dedicated to helping journalists deal with trauma the's there links on the resource guide toe look to teach you about science look for that to help you talk to pe...

ople this is no longer sort of a hidden thing is a pretty serious thing um and it can be super super helpful we iran my goodness, thank you there's a lot of emotional performance so much but so incredibly comprehends of in terms of all of the information that you've gathered over over the twenty five years unfortunately, we're out of time with you if you keep listening to you for hours and hours do you have any sort of parting final words for folks that have just taken all of this in and are like okay, but how do I start? Where do I go from here? Yeah, I think you know, I think that there's some of the things to take from this are you're thinking outside the box is incredibly important and understanding how to minimize your mistakes, to be able to like, be a smooth as possible and understanding how to do a good picture letter these air really, you know, sort of really key things, but a lot of these smaller things like you saw our can really kind of set you this way or that way, and I think that without question, my my feeling about where we are as photographers visual storytellers today is that even though the business is difficult, there really is so much great potential for us and you guys should be really positive and those of you that can really kind of execute some of these things well, I think the future is limitless there's there's a lot of great places to go there are a lot of great stories for us to tell and there's a lot of great impact that we all can have with their work, so I'm very happy for you guys to be part of this family and I look forward to seeing your work, uh, going forward. Thank you, ron, thank you so much. Where can people sort of follow up with you and keep in contact with you? Dot com on. You can check this out, and so I'm available here on instagram and its studio, a quantity of dot com and then also offering anybody wants a souvenir of this workshop. I'm I have eight by ten printed the door, four girls shot, which you've probably seen coming through this, just something email, and we can work that out. But I usually say this to you smaller classes than the creative life community. But it still holds true that as graduates of this one day workshop, I'm very happy to to help you. So feel free to email me. Just remind me that you saw me on creative life and I will do my best to help you out.

Class Description

Capturing a story on film is a complex process. It demands an understanding of the issue at hand as well as the ability to condense, package, and pitch the story to a distributor. Successful photojournalists make a job of nailing down the details before a shoot and being prepared for anything.

In Your Photojournalism Survival Kit, Ron Haviv brings two decades of experience in building a photojournalism career on carefully laid groundwork. 

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a captivating story and organize a plan for shooting it 
  • How to create a budget and a pitch letter
  • How to plan for any eventuality during the shoot, and cope with setbacks when they strike
Ron Haviv draws on his long career for anecdotes and suggestions for aspiring photographers. He’ll teach you that your assignment starts before you leave your house; planning, packing and preparing for even the best-laid plans to go awry is essential. You’ll learn tricks for assessing your preparedness, safety, and support while on assignment in the field.

Your Photojournalism Survival Kit is crucial for beginners, and for current photojournalists who may need to brush up on their checklists. Learn from Ron Haviv’s early-career mistakes, and lay the foundations of your own successful, impactful enterprise in visual storytelling.

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KAren OLlis

Thank you Ron and Creative Live for the thoughtful and expansive course. Even for a pro, the information was often enlightening and definitely inspirational. The best way to learn is from a seasoned professional who knows how to teach in an organized manner. Appreciate the support materials as well. Will be out shooting stories no doubt! All the best, Karen Ollis, Karen Ollis Photo

Connie Kennedy

Ron Haviv presents his generous insights and experience in a wonderfully paced and very clearly delivered manner. Combine him with the Creative Live platform and you have a magical educational experience. I'm so grateful to attend this course. I wish I had heard a presentation like this years back; it would have spared me some mistakes. If you're sitting on the fence buy this course. Tap into his wisdom. Enjoy.


I've been a following Ron Haviv for years. Love his expressions in delivering explanations. It's amazing to see and hear from the photographer behind the photos. Well structured course. Having Kenna's facilitation makes this workshop so worth watching. Thank you creativeLive for this great sensory experience!