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Producing EDM with Ableton Live

with Big Chocolate

Producing EDM with Ableton Live
Free Preview: Starting Songs
Free Preview: Starting Songs
There is no right or wrong way to start a song - let Big Chocolate show you a few techniques he relies on to get going.

make music with ableton.

Ableton Live is the industry-leading application for creating and performing Electronic Dance Music. Mastering its unique capabilities and workflow are the key to getting your get ideas out of you head and into your speakers-- and becoming a prolific, songwriting machine.

In this one-day Abelton course, DJ/producer Big Chocolate teaches you how to create EDM songs from start to finish using Ableton Live. It's not just a re-telling of the manual, it's a look behind the scenes at his own unique workflow: you'll learn how to get started with the program, how to write and combine sonic elements, his secrets to getting unstuck, and finally how to put it all together into a finished song. Whether you're new to Ableton Live or an experienced user, you'll take your creativity to new levels!


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Big Chocolate

Cameron Argon, also known as Big Chocolate, is a multi-platform music producer and performer. While he’s best known for his EDM songs, his work spans a wide range of genres from deep house to rock.Since he started producing music in… more...


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  • Day 1 (14 Videos)

    • Pre-Show
      HD | LOW
    • 9:00 am - Introduction and Overview of Cam's Gear
      9:00 am - Introduction and Overview of Cam's Gear
      HD | LOW
    • 9:15 am - General Q&A
      9:15 am - General Q&A
      HD | LOW
    • Free Preview: Starting Songs
      Free Preview: Starting Songs
      HD | LOW
    • 11:00 am - Effects and Automation
      11:00 am - Effects and Automation
      HD | LOW
    • 11:30 am - Adding Sounds
      11:30 am - Adding Sounds
      HD | LOW
    • 12:45 pm - Getting Unstuck
      12:45 pm - Getting Unstuck
      HD | LOW
    • 1:00 pm - Finishing Songs
      1:00 pm - Finishing Songs
      HD | LOW
    • 1:30 pm - Structure/Arrangement Q&A
      1:30 pm - Structure/Arrangement Q&A
      HD | LOW
    • Thanks + Credits
      Thanks + Credits
      HD | LOW
    • 2:30 pm - Finishing Songs Part 2
      2:30 pm - Finishing Songs Part 2
      HD | LOW
    • 2:45 pm - Mixing and Mastering
      2:45 pm - Mixing and Mastering
      HD | LOW
    • 3:00 pm - Mixing Q&A
      3:00 pm - Mixing Q&A
      HD | LOW
    • Wrap-Up
      HD | LOW