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your wedding photography bootcamp.

Tune in for two free lessons daily as we broadcast this bootcamp starting June 12, 2017. Scroll down to see what's on air each day. Download the syllabus under the Class Materials tab for details on each lesson.

Save your questions and be sure to tune in June 16th and June 30th at 9am PT for a LIVE Q&A with Jasmine.

Anxious to binge watch it all? Buy the bootcamp and get all 29 lessons + bonus videos on demand!

Each day's rebroadcast will start at 9am, PST!

2017 Rebroadcast Schedule
Week 1
Setting Yourself Up For Success & Client Engagement

1. Kicking Off the Next 30 days!
2. How to Define Your Photographic Style

3. Shooting with Intent: Romantic & Editorial Photos
4. Shooting with Intent: Natural & Fun Photos

5. Can a Shy Photographer Be Successful?
6. The Best Wedding Photography Marketing

7. How To Conduct a First Client Meeting
8. Preparing For a Successful Engagement Session

9-10am LIVE with Jasmine

9. Shoot: The Knot Couple's Engagement Session
10. Post-Engagement Workflow & Marketing

JUNE 17 & 18
Replay Lessons 1-10

Week 2
Preparing For The Big Day & Wedding Workflow

11. Shoot: How To Photograph Ceremony Details
12. Shoot: How To Photograph Reception Details

13. How To Prepare For the Wedding Day
14. The Best Lenses To Shoot a Wedding

15. The Knot Wedding: Bridal Prep
16. The Knot Wedding: Bridal Party + Family

17. The Knot Wedding: Wedding Ceremony
18. The Knot Wedding: Bride + Groom

19. The Knot Wedding: Reception
20. Reflecting on the Knot Wedding: Q&A

JUNE 24 & 25
Replay Lessons 11-20

Week 3
Post Workflow & Shooting Tips and Tricks

21. Post Wedding Workflow
22. Post Wedding Marketing

23. Post Wedding Client Care + Album Design
24. How To Price Wedding Photography Services

25. Shoot: How to Shoot in the Worst Light
26. Top 5 Tips For Shooting a Bridal Portrait

27. Shoot: How to Shoot a Curvy Bride
28. Shoot: How to Shoot a Tall/Short Couple

9-10am LIVE with Jasmine

29. Countdown to the Start of Something New

JULY 1 & 2
Replay Lessons 21-29

Running a wedding photography business is stressful work – you are on the hook for capturing one of your client’s single most important (and expensive!) days. But if you do it right, wedding photography is also a whole lot of fun. Learn how to balance the books, get the shots, and deliver the magic in The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience with Jasmine Star.

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience is an all-inclusive wedding photography bootcamp that gives you all the tools you need to run a wildly successful business. You’ll learn the marketing, shooting, posing, and branding skills you'll need to thrive as wedding photographer.

On the business end, Jasmine will teach you how to:

  • Create an effective business plan
  • Attract new clients
  • Establish and communicate pricing
  • Build a referral network
  • Get free marketing

Every day, for 30 days, you’ll get a 30-90 minute comprehensive lesson designed to inspire and help you build a wedding photography business that thrives.

You’ll also learn all about Jasmine’s shooting and editing techniques for wedding photography. You’ll learn how to:

  • Prompt clients to get natural-looking poses
  • Leverage natural light so everyone looks gorgeous
  • Deal with unexpected events and shoot under pressure
  • Cull, edit, and market on social after the event

Jasmine will take you on location as she shoots a real wedding, narrating her on-the-fly decision making and how she keeps clients happy throughout the day.

This comprehensive class offers powerful insight into how one of world's leading wedding photographers runs her business and gives you the tools you need to pick up your camera, follow your dreams, and develop a rewarding career in wedding photography.

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