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On Location and Studio tactics for survival as a photographer

Internationally acclaimed photographer Joe McNally joins CreativeLive for an in-depth examination on creating stories with light and the strategies every photographer needs for success. This course will walk through various flash techniques on location and in-studio, using both small and big flashes. Joe will cover how to light in various locations, enhancing both your subject and your background to create a complete story, using lighting techniques that have defined his career in photography. 

This course moves beyond the technical learnings of your photo shoot and takes a deeper look at how to conduct a successful career as a photographer. Sharing some previously commissioned work in his portfolio, Joe, along with his team, will walk through some of the most necessary aspects for a photographer’s longevity, such as assignment work, client relationships, rates, contracts, and image rights. Within this course students will: 
  • Get an inside look on location, learning how to work with light to capture the story of your subject and their surroundings 
  • Expand their knowledge in a studio setting by using multiple flash units to create various looks 
  • Gain confidence in their career as a photographer by obtaining a better understanding of contracts and relationship management with clients 
  • Learn more about their own work from Joe’s student critiques
Gain the confidence and versatility as a photographer to shoot in any scenario by understanding big and small flash and the professionalism needed to handle any client.  

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