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Brand Your Creative Business

with Megan Auman

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  •   03 The Core Emotions Behind Your Brand


Class duration: 10h 39m

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About The Class

tell the story of your business.

Every small business owner shares two common goals: increasing sales and marketing more effectively. One of the most powerful ways to achieve these goals is to define and tell the story of who you are as a creator. That story is your brand, and a strong understanding of how to tell that story to your customers will take your business to new heights.

In Brand Your Creative Business, you’ll explore what makes your business a unique brand and find ways to share it. You’ll learn about implementing a brand strategy and growing and protecting it. Megan Auman will teach:

  • Why branding matters
  • How to define your brand
  • Storytelling to promote your business
  • How to develop a strategy to implement your plans

You’ll leave this course equipped and energized to create a strong, consistent presence in every aspect of your company – from packaging to customer interaction and beyond. You’ll also develop the confidence use colors, logos, and fonts to reflect your style - even if you’re not a designer

Whether you’re an Etsy seller looking to grow or an occasional crafter trying to build a full-time business, this course will give you the tools you need to connect with customers and sell more products.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Creating Your Logo in Illustrator

  2. 02

    Why Branding Matters for Your Business HD

  3. 03

    The Core Emotions Behind Your Brand

  4. 04

    Great Products are Key to Strong Brands

  5. 05

    Does Your Product Generate Emotion?

  6. 06

    Finding the Core of Your Product

  7. 07

    What Does Your Brand Stand For?

  8. 08

    Naming Your Business & Products

  9. 09

    Creating Your Tagline

  10. 10

    Creating YOUR Brand's Story

  11. 11

    Sharing Your Customer's Stories

  12. 12

    When To Tell Your Own Story

  13. 13

    Your Visual Branding Basics

  14. 14

    Your Visual Style Guide: Brand Colors

  15. 15

    Your Visual Style Guide: Your Logo

  16. 16

    Telling Visual Brand Stories with Photos

  17. 17

    Brand Photography & How to Protect It

  18. 18

    Creating Your Complete Brand Package

  19. 19

    Your Branding in Print Materials & Online

  20. 20

    Implement Brand Strategy Quickly & Easily

  21. 21

    Brand Strategy: Where Do I Begin?

  22. 22

    Making Branding To-Do's Manageable


Meet Your Expert

Megan Auman

Megan Auman is a designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for great design and sustainable business. Her eponymous jewelry line is sold in stores across the US and online. Her designs have been featured in Design Sponge, Better Homes and Gardens, Cooking Light, and more. In 2009, Megan founded Designing an MBA to help designers and makers develop their business skills. Since then, she has created a number of successful e-courses, including Marketing for Makers, Wholesale Academy, and Do/Teach. She is a frequent speaker on pricing, wholesale, and business thinking for creatives. ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Megan Auman - Brand Your Creative Business Resources.pdf
  • pdf Megan Auman - Branding Bibliography.pdf
  • pdf Megan Auman - DIY Photography Resources.pdf
  • pdf Megan Auman - Brand Your Creative Business Syllabus.pdf
  • pdf Megan Auman - Brand Your Creative Business Workbook.pdf

95% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    December 2014

    I was drawn in immediately. Megan's ability to tender precise, goal-oriented, and REAL life experience-infused information is what captivated me the most...AND...I logged in 30 minutes late on the first day of her class. I am excited to know that her course is STILL available, and on sale a couple of days after it aired live. TY CreativeLive for this opportunity; it is truly a gift to myself which will keep on giving...I have often used storytelling to build my brand, but Megan's guidance has given me a structured approach, which I really needed. Paying it forward, and sharing her amazing course with others will be a joy, as I feel an obligation to others I know, and those I have yet to know, all who will benefit from her plethora of carefully cultivated information. Her use of emotional connections to build a brand, and to reach a solid audience based on one's authentic voice is clear, clean, and easy to follow. Thank You Megan Aumen!

  • Visindie

    December 2014

    This is such a great class! Great content, great advice, great examples...great, great, great!! I'm so happy that I have a clear path to create a great brand for my business. Very empowering! I especially love the bonus information, especially the video on how to make your own logo in Illustrator. Exactly the information I've been looking for. Great job, Megan!

  • Laura Captain Photography

    Laura Captain Photography

    April 2017

    I'm in the process of launching a creative business and this class was what I was looking for. With procrastination and indecision cast aside, I will now confidently plan and carry out a productive and well organized branding strategy of my own. Before this class I felt somewhat confused and overwhelmed by all the miscellaneous branding information I had been trying to piece together. Even though I already knew some of the information she covered in the class, she put her own spin on it, gave some great examples and put it in an easy to follow plan. I particularly liked the segments related to naming your business and social media branding because I had a lot of questions on those topics. I'm very excited to get started with branding my business and I'm so glad I took the time to go through Megan's class, it will be so worth it in the long run. A big shout out to Megan, I love your business branding, your jewelry and your teaching style, great work!

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