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Marketing Your Etsy Shop for Sold-out Success

with Lisa Jacobs

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Class duration: 4h 15m

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About The Class

Get big exposure for your brand with a strong marketing strategy.

This course is part of the 
Turn Your Etsy® Shop Into a Sales Machine Bundle.  

For makers whose livelihoods are dependent on their hard work and passion, taking on the task of connecting and communicating with customers online would seem to be an extra burden. You feel as though you’ve already entered untested waters by growing your online business with Etsy, and now you have to become a veteran marketer as well?

It’s actually easier than you think. Join Lisa Jacobs for this class and learn to:

  • Talk about your product in a way that gets people excited to buy
  • How to gain big exposure for your brand and products
  • How to create a consistent business plan with predictable results
Get paying customers to your Etsy storefront using simple, proven marketing strategies. No far-fetched theories, generalized blanket statements, or big business comparisons here - just specific, direct training for creative business owners. Stop scrambling to connect with buyers, and focus on the work that inspires you.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Intro To "Market Your Etsy Shop"

  2. 02

    The Etsy Marketing That Matters

  3. 03

    The Etsy Marketing System

  4. 04

    Your Etsy Sales Funnel

  5. 05

    Gain Exposure For Your Etsy Shop

  6. 06

    Why You Should Create A Marketing Goal

  7. 07

    What Should Be In Your Etsy Marketing Strategy?

  8. 08

    Build An Etsy Marketing Calendar

  9. 09

    Examples of Etsy Marketing Strategies

  10. 10

    A Facebook Strategy That Works

  11. 11

    How to Go From 0 to 30k on Instagram with Kara Benz

  12. 12

    Etsy Marketing Review

  13. 13

    Build Your Own Etsy Marketing Campaign

  14. 14

    Marketing Plans That Won

  15. 15

    Boost Your Marketing With Paid Advertsing


Meet Your Expert

Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs is a marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs. Her expertise comes from her own success in turning $100 of supplies into thousands of sales and a top-earning Etsy® storefront.  ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf How To Beat The Overcrowded Market Guide
  • pdf Ideal Customer Workbook by Lisa Jacobs
  • pdf Your Best Year Wall Planner
  • pdf Market Your Etsy® Shop by Lisa Jacobs

75% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • MikeD


    December 2018

    This is good material, but it's the marketing portion of the Creative Live class found here: This is lessons 19-36 from that course. Spend a couple extra dollars and get her whole Etsy message.

  • Trang Le

    Trang Le

    August 2018

    There are a lot of great information in this course, but also a few problems that need improvement: * Lisa used presentation slides to sparingly that sometimes it's hard to follow her point. She needs more coaching on designing effective presentation. * A lot of examples in the course are personal observations from her own strategy, which may not apply to everyone. There are not enough varieties of examples to consolidate into an actionable step.

  • Elisandra S.

    Elisandra S.

    February 2019

    I now understand why I´m not happy with how my business goes. I´m avoiding way too many of the things I should be doing out of "shyness privacy, not wanting to "molest" people and some weird pride" being afraid of exposure, limitig myself... I understand that I have to totally rethink and restructure everything

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