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Build a Successful Creative Blog

with April Bowles-Olin

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  •   01 Your Blog Goals and "The Why?"

  •   02 Know Your Ideal Reader

  •   03 Put Fun Back into Blogging


Class duration: 15h 9m

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About The Class

create and market a successful blog.

There are over 200 million blogs on the Internet, so how do you cut through the noise and stand out in the crowd? A quality blog boasts great content, a powerful voice, and relevant, useful information. The problem is, putting all of those pieces together, understanding how to find the right audience, and marketing your blog is no easy juggling act.

Join the founder of Blacksburg Belle and author of Marketing for Creatives April Bowles-Olin for a comprehensive course dedicated to teaching you how to write, create, and market a successful blog. Drawing on the same methods she’s used to help successful entrepreneurs around the world grow their online presence, April will teach you how to find your own voice and get more comfortable writing like yourself. You’ll learn how to develop a strong editorial strategy, attract the right readers and write engaging headlines that will drive traffic to your site. April will also explore some of the key problems that hold bloggers back -- from writer’s block to boredom to insecurity about what you’re writing -- and explain how to overcome them. Best of all, April will teach you how to save time and have fun while contributing to the success of your blog.

After just three short days with April, you’ll possess the perfect foundation for better copywriting and creating a powerful, traffic generating blog.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Your Blog Goals and "The Why?"

    Learn how developing a goal-based blog can keep you consistently writing and publishing.

  2. 02

    Know Your Ideal Reader

  3. 03

    Put Fun Back into Blogging

  4. 04

    Best Practices for Success

  5. 05

    Developing Your Content Plan

  6. 06

    Developing Your Content Plan (Cont'd)

  7. 07

    Your Unique Style and Voice

  8. 08

    Design Tips

  9. 09

    Hangout with Mayi Carles of HeartMade

  10. 10

    Writing in Your Voice

  11. 11

    Exploring Different Voices

  12. 12

    Copywriting 101

  13. 13

    Segment 13 - Copywriting 101 (cont'd)

  14. 14

    Beyond Copywriting 101: Stories and More

  15. 15

    Visuals For Your Blog

  16. 16

    Photos For Your Blog

  17. 17

    Marketing Through SEO and Guest Posting

  18. 18

    Promoting with Social Media

  19. 19

    Acquiring Email Subscribers and Opt Ins

  20. 20

    Make Your Email List Content Interesting

  21. 21

    Promoting and Building Anticipation

  22. 22

    How Testimonials Can Help with Monetization

  23. 23

    The Importance of Building Relationships

  24. 24

    Fostering Relationships

  25. 25

    Balancing Blogging & Life

  26. 26

    Carving Out Time and Keeping the Balance


Meet Your Expert

April Bowles-Olin

April Bowles-Olin is a writer, creative business consultant, marketing strategist, and photography dabbler. She wants to live in a world where artists and makers adore their blogs, write with confidence and know how to get their unique work in front ... read more

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97% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Kjcollinsphoto


    September 2014

    This course is absolutely amazing. April is so enthusiastic and inspiring. It is clear she has spent a lot of time preparing for this course with a wealth of useful information in the videos and the workbook and the resource pack. Having just launched my new photography website, I have been looking for ideas and help with the blog- a new area for me. This has made me feel excited about my business. It's helped me plan my blog posts for the coming months and highlighted the importance of a good blog for keeping a website fresh. I found myself excited for each new video and sad when it was all finished! I've purchase a few courses through Creative Live but this is my favourite so far and April has a lot to do with that.

  • Kristina Zambrano

    Kristina Zambrano

    September 2014

    Where to start? ... Um I took my blog to the groomer ha! you guys must be thinking how on earth you take a blog to the groomer pretty easy actually you just go and click where it says "Build a Successful Creative Blog with April Bowles and you are taking it to the groomer. Now leaving my pet-related talking if you are creative and have no idea where to start in blogging this is your place to start she (April) will teach you everything about the blog world with a touch of joy, fun and creativity. She will take you from Zero, Nada, Nothing to Something or better say to a brand new groomed blog. And if you need more to convince you to get this workshop you just read April Bowles "26 post you gotta read - blog tour" and if that doesn't make you get it, then you are totally not ready to Blog. Thank you so much April for everything you shared with us.

  • KrisWithaK


    September 2014

    This course gave me both the impetus to begin the blog whose domain I was sitting on for nearly a year and the skills to do it well. April was - and still is - supportive and helpful to all of the people who participated in the course. It became a community of people, supporting and helping each other to follow through with the amazing instructions that she gave us during the course itself. The resources she gave us are still useful, and the connections I made on her site and the sites she pointed us to have made my blog successful in only a few months. AWESOME course!

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