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Validating Your Product or Service Idea

with Sarah Doody

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   08 Types of Research


Class duration: 5h 8m

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About The Class

Going beyond the build: Develop a successful product or service by learning how to understand your audience...maybe even better than they understand themselves.

You have an what? Most entrepreneurs fail because they build the wrong product. How does this happen? It’s because we race to the “build” phase and focus all our energy on the product. But there’s a way more important “p” word that always trumps your product...PEOPLE.

If you truly want to create an awesome product, you have to understand the people your product will serve. The best competitive advantage you can have is to understand your people, your audience, your potential customers better than everyone else. Your audience will guide you to the exact product you should create and how you should market it. This class will show you how to tap into that knowledge.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn how to use research to gather the information you need to build an effective product or service.
  • Review well-known case studies and best-practices in product design.
  • Walk through a simple step-by-step demo for building a landing page using Instapage.
  • Learn the basics of email lists and automation using ConvertKit.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail

  3. 03

    Adopting a Mindset of Launch and Learn

  4. 04

    You Must Put Problems Before Solutions

  5. 05

    Establishing Your Skills

  6. 06

    Examples of Product/Service Ideas

  7. 07

    Know Your Tribe: Your Best Competitive Advantage

  8. 08

    Types of Research

  9. 09

    Method 1: Surveys & the Art of Asking

  10. 10

    Where to Find People for Research

  11. 11

    How to Analyze Your Findings

  12. 12

    Mind the Gap

  13. 13

    What Does Validation Mean?

  14. 14

    Anatomy of a Product Landing Page

  15. 15

    Creating a Landing Page with Instapage

  16. 16

    Connecting Your Landing Page to Your Email List

  17. 17

    Simple Design Tips

  18. 18

    Why Email is Crucial

  19. 19

    Email Demo with ConvertKit

  20. 20

    Connect Your Email List to Your Landing Page

  21. 21

    Email Demo Continued: Broadcast & Automations

  22. 22

    Spreading Word About Your Landing Page

  23. 23

    Nurturing Your Audience

  24. 24

    Next Steps


Meet Your Expert

Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody is an User Experience Design Consultant based in NYC. She helps companies and entrepreneurs assess product ideas, understand their customers, and design and launch products. For companies already in market, she helps businesses reach their goals through optimizing their User Experience (UX). ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Your Skills Workbook
  • pdf People Research Workbook
  • pdf Your Product Workbook
  • pdf Validation Guide
  • pdf Bonus Resourses
  • pdf Get Started with Adobe Stock

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Jacki

    June 2018

    The immensely valuable information in these videos teach exactly how to validate, promote and sell product to your target audience. This course is a few years of marketing school nicely wrapped in the perfect course bundle for every type of business from entrepreneur to enterprise. I have a decade of marketing experience and learned new tricks to immediately use. Wantpraneurs will gain all the knowledge needed to get started with their new business idea in clear, do-able steps. If you are in dev, marketing, UX or business, or want to be, I strongly suggest this class to you.

  • Amie Kelson

    July 2018

    I have taken several CreativeLive courses on how to start a business. This one has some of the best content and practical information on the "what" AND the "how" of validating your products. I highly recommend. The one thing I wish she would have gone into more depth on is how to find people for market research. She covers where to find them, but not enough detail about how to engage them. Even with that missing I would still highly recommend.

  • Elizabeth Arostegui

    Elizabeth Arostegui

    July 2018

    The course is really complete and interesting. She shared a lot of useful tools and techniques that can be applied.

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