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Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew

with Jay Calderin

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  •   01 Intro to Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew

  •   02 Why Start with a Sketch?


Class duration: 2h 49m

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About The Class

create custom garments.

Bring your designs to life with Jay Calderin in Making Fashion: Draw, Draft, and Sew!

Jay Calderin has been called a “a budding designer's best friend,” and in this class he’ll show you exactly what it takes to create and construct custom clothes. 

You’ll learn about:
  • Drawing and planning for clothing production
  • The stages of pattern making
  • Constructing and finishing garments
Jay will help you get started with smart drafting tips and offer insights on working with muslin so your patterns lay and drape properly.

If you want to produce one-of-a-kind garments, join Jay Calderin for a complete primer on getting started in Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Intro to Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew

  2. 02

    Why Start with a Sketch?

  3. 03

    Drawing: Draw Your Muse

  4. 04

    Drawing: Sketch a Figure and Define a Silhouette

  5. 05

    Drawing: Render Color

  6. 06

    Drawing: Add Texture, Patterns, and Details

  7. 07

    Pattern Draping: Working with Muslin

  8. 08

    Pattern Draping: Drape a Basic Form

  9. 09

    Pattern Draping: Drape Folds

  10. 10

    Pattern Draping: Experiment with Style Lines

  11. 11

    Pattern Flat: Create and True a Pattern

  12. 12

    Draping and Patterning Recap

  13. 13

    Constructing Clothes: Put it Together

  14. 14

    Constructing Clothes: Make it Special and Finish Well


Meet Your Expert

Jay Calderin

The Boston Globe refers to Jay Calderin as a budding designer's best friend. He is the author of The Fashion Design Reference and Specification Book formerly Form, Fit, Fashion, which the LA Times called, a new fashion bible for designers, aspirers and the just plain curious, this tome contains all the secrets. It was followed by his second book, Fashion Design Essentials, and a collaboration on a third book entitled, Fashion Design, Referenced. The first two books have been translated into German and Chinese. He is also a contributor to Native Fashion Now, the book that accompanies the Peabody Essex Museum’s upcoming exhibit of the same name.  ... read more

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100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Jacquelyn Bradley-Nelson

    Jacquelyn Bradley-Nelson

    February 2016

    I love this class, I'm glad I found it. This what I want to learn or add to my knowledge. JayC you are awesome! I need more learning on rendering coloring for illustration for that is. I can't wait to see what's on the other class I will take. Thanks! Signed: rm515jb.

  • Andrea Leggett

    Andrea Leggett

    June 2016

    I really enjoyed this and the draping really opened my eyes to what can be achieved. Jay made it look easy so I plan a shot at draping later and will post my effort on Instagram with thanks to him! Thank you Creative LIve for bringing this to me (in the UK) and special thanks to Jay. When I'm in Boston in August I"ll buy you a beer!

  • Renee Tillman

    Renee Tillman

    June 2016

    Definitely helps you design a draft for making a dress. Very helpful tips! Gives you a place to start in the design process. Renee

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