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Graphic Design Fundamentals

with Timothy Samara

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  •   01 Introduction to Graphic Design


Class duration: 10h 48m

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About The Class

graphic design essentials.

You don’t need to be a trained pro to make great designs. In this class, Timothy Samara will explain the basic concepts behind graphic design and help you get started. You’ll learn about:

  • The skills essential for graphic design
  • Which tools designers use
  • How to manage the creative process
Timothy will demonstrate a design project from start to finish and provide a thorough introduction to the design principles professionals rely on everyday. You’ll learn the basics of: 

  • Space and form
  • Color theory
  • Typography
  • Layout and compostion
You’ll see how these theories apply to real-world projects and how they impact the overall design.

Whether you want to design a poster, flyer, or logo – Graphic Design Fundamentals will give you the insights you need to design with confidence.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction to Graphic Design

    Find out how the profession of graphic design evolved and what that means for people working in field today.

  2. 02

    Graphic Design: Areas of Specialization

  3. 03

    The History of Graphic Design

  4. 04

    The Designer's Toolkit

  5. 05

    The Graphic Designer's Tools: Color

  6. 06

    The Graphic Designers Tools: Typography

  7. 07

    The Graphic Designer's Tools: Layout & Space

  8. 08

    Typical Work Processes

  9. 09

    Designing an Advertisment

  10. 10

    Designing a Poster

  11. 11

    Designing a Book Layout: Basic Concepts

  12. 12

    Designing a Book Layout: The Details

  13. 13

    Designing a Website

  14. 14

    How to Design a Brand Identity: Preperation

  15. 15

    How to Design Brand Identity: Showing the Client

  16. 16

    Building Brand Language

  17. 17

    Designing the Touchpoints

  18. 18

    Fundamentals are Forever

  19. 19

    Form & Image Toolbox

  20. 20

    Media & Stylization

  21. 21

    Representation & Manipulation

  22. 22

    Visual Narrative & Metaphor

  23. 23

    Color Identity

  24. 24

    Color Relationships

  25. 25

    Palettes & Systems

  26. 26

    Color as Meaning

  27. 27

    Typography: The Basics

  28. 28

    Style: Choosing & Mixing

  29. 29

    Text-Setting Mechanics

  30. 30

    Styles: Visual Qualities of Text

  31. 31

    Interactions of Forms in Space

  32. 32

    Arrangement, Logic, & Rhythm

  33. 33

    Contrast & Hierarchy

  34. 34

    Unifying Type & Imagery

  35. 35

    Working with Grids (or Not)

  36. 36

    Bringing it All Together


Meet Your Expert

Timothy Samara

Timothy Samara is a New York–based graphic designer and educator whose twenty-five career has so far focused on visual identity and branding, communication design, and typography. Since 2000, he has split his time between professional practice and academia, defining a highly respected reputation as an instructor at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons/The New School for Design, Purchase College SUNY, New York University, The University of the Arts, and Fashion Institute of Technology. Mr. Samara is a frequent university lecturer and contributor to design publications both in the U.S. and abroad. He has written eight books on design to date (all from Rockport Publishers), which have been translated into ten languages and are used by students and practitioners around the world. ... read more

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  • pdf Form+Image-Timothy Samara Presentation.pdf
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100% of students recommend this class.
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  • photo_dj

    May 2015

    This is more about all of your courses - It would be really nice for instructors to answer questions during break times or even after the class. There a lot a fabulous questions that I see that never get answered. I would like to go back even the next day and see a short note for at least some of those questions. Just an idea to help out this wonderful format that you have going. I am sure to make use of the promote question when I see an interesting one.

  • user-1f91d5

    November 2015

    I LOVED this class! I learned so much and since I had the foresight to purchase it, I can go back for a refresher anytime I want. Plus, the downloads are spectacular! Almost a book's worth and so helpful! Thank you Timothy, you are great teacher!

  • Creativelive Student

    May 2015

    This was an outstanding course, would love to see a more in depth typography course from this guy. I'm a proffesional photographer with a formal education in design, I hardly ever use it, so I forget things, this was great both as a review, and to pinpoint things I didn't know or thought I knew. thanks once again! well done!!

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