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Creative Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Give the up-and-coming entrepreneur the experience of learning from industry innovators, leaders, and icons, so they can launch their own next big idea.


Gifts for Techies

Know the next start-up innovator? Encourage their ingenuity with the classes to help them to launch their own app or grow their social media following to viral status.

Gifts for Those Looking to Network

Know a networking newbie? Support their growth with the gift of transforming nerves into a positive buzz when it comes to working the room.

Creative Gifts for Freelancers

</p>Treat your freelance entrepreneur to the experience of learning from industry leaders who've made the big leap themselves into successful independent careers.</p>

Personal Development Gifts for Life Enthusiasts

In place of unneeded and unwanted stuff, give the mindful life enthusiast the experience of learning new patterns that foster physical and mental wellness.

Gifts for Side Hustlers

For the side hustler who could use a leg up, there's no better gift than the tools to make their freelance work successful enough to land the next deal, and the next.

Gifts for Ambitious Millennials

Gadgets or shiny things will not satisfy a millennial. Give them the secret weapon to launch the next big idea, start their game-changing podcast, or the key to stress-free budget travel.