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Creative Gifts for Musicians

Treat the aspiring musician on your list to the gift of learning from the industry legends. From mastering the basics of engineering to elevating their songwriting game, the experience can't be beat.


Gifts for DJs

Know an aspiring DJ? Give them the encouragement to learn from legendary masters, and gain the tools to develop their own style.

Gifts for Drummers

Get beyond stuff. Gift a drummer the experience of learning how to mix tracks and capture their own unique sound from leading veterans in the industry.

Gifts for Music Entrepreneurs

For the future music tycoon, gift them the tools to make music a career with business classes designged for this industry. Take a band on tour or become a professional manager.

Gifts for Music Producers

Gift the aspiring music producer on your list the opportunity to learn the ins and outs from the very best music producers and best pro audio tools around.

Gifts for Singers

Treat the singer on your list to the lessons that will fine tune their perfect pitch and classes that will teach them how to write and record songs.