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Aaron Alexander

Aaron is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method, author of the Align Method book, and host of the Align Podcast, which has ranked #1 in Nutrition on iTunes.

Aaron has worked with some of world’s greatest professional athletes, performers, celebrities, and everyone in between, to relieve pain while creating greater strength, flexibility, and ease in their mind and body. 

After working with thousands of clients and spending years backpacking around the world, being immersed in various cultures, he has come to the conclusion that the healthiest people are not gym rats. Instead, they naturally integrate the foundational principles outlined in The Align Method to strengthen their bodies, balance their minds, and activate their innate systems of healing in daily life.

Aaron has simplified ancient techniques for cultivating vitality and assimilated them into modernized, simplified, movement-based principles for you to easily integrate into any situation throughout the day. When you do, every moment becomes an opportunity to develop greater strength, flexibility and confidence to truly step into your physical potential and drop the baggage of pain and limitation.