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Aundre Larrow

Aundre Larrow is a Jamaican-born photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Beyond these frankly reductive labels, at his core, Aundre seeks to understand people. From his work as an Adobe Creative Resident exploring stories across the country to working on the set of W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades, Aundre seeks to see the fundamental truth in each human being, regardless of background, culture, or upbringing. The primary question he asks in his work is, “What is the shortest distance from me to you?”

When Aundre received a Minolta from his high school drama teacher at 15, it wasn’t as much a discovery as it was a completion, an additional sense with which to navigate the world. He truly believes that all people are worth knowing. That pursuit has taken him to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to capture the Gwich'in people, to his home state of Florida to document the stories of formerly incarcerated folks fighting for their right to vote and to WeWoka, Oklahoma to photograph the largest Black-owned farm in America. His work is an honest portrayal of social issues through the eyes of his subjects who he views as collaborators and not just people to fill his frame with.