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Ben Moon

Ben Moon is an adventure and lifestyle photographer turned director and filmmaker who uses his intuitive sensibilities to bring individuals and their stories to life. For over eighteen years his work has been featured in Patagonia catalogs and and because Ben is also a rock climber, surfer, and adventurer, his insights into the subjects he photographs are tangible. He takes this ability to connect with others a step further in Ben’s ongoing black-and-white portrait project called Faces, in which each individual’s inner beauty is revealed in a disarming and intimate manner. Surviving colorectal cancer in his twenties inspired Ben to develop a deeper connection to others and the natural world and gradually shifted his artistic focus from capturing the pursuit of adventure to telling nuanced human stories that have inspired and impacted millions worldwide, including his short film Denali. The film tells Ben’s own personal story about his battle with colorectal cancer and the relationship with his beloved dog Denali who stood by his side for over fourteen years. The film has been viewed over 17 million times and continues to touch new audiences online and at film festivals worldwide. Ben currently resides on the Oregon coast with his dog Nori and just released his memoir Denali: A Man, a Dog, and the Friendship of a Lifetime on Penguin Books.