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Blayne Chastain

Filmmaker, musician & entrepreneur Blayne Chastain has been flying remote controlled (RC) airplanes for as long as he can remember and holds 9 national titles in RC soaring.His professional work with drones began when he co-founded Cloudgate, a film production company specializing in cinematic aerials with filmmakers Jem Moore and Philip Van Drunen.  Blayne loves getting to draw from both his deep experience as an RC pilot and filmmaker to get the shot whether it means chasing world-class snowboard racers (DJI Stories, “The Comeback”) or piloting from the seat of a kayak in the Icelandic wilderness.

Blayne is also known for his work as musical educator with his online courses for the Irish flute, tin whistle & bodhrán (Irish drum) reaching thousands of students worldwide. His teaching approach is focused on breaking things down into easy to understand parts that then come together to help his students effortlessly gain mastery of the subject or as he likes to say “making the unfamiliar, familiar.”

Connect with Blayne online:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Vimeo