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Chanel Reynolds

Chanel Reynolds is the founder of Get Your Shit Together. With a real and honest voice, she shares her struggles of becoming a widow and single mom when her husband was killed in an accident in 2009. In her website, Chanel reveals her challenges navigating this tragedy and the hard lessons learned. Taking care of a few basics, like wills, living wills, insurance and basic financial planning improves your life now and removes a mountain of optional suffering when life throws you a curveball.

Since the site launched in January of 2013, the response to Get Your Shit Together was immediate and overwhelming: The project has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, LifeHacker, BoingBoing, and on CBS, ABC, NPR, Redbook magazine and BUST.

She has quickly reached millions worldwide, inspiring people everywhere with her story and giving them the ‘kick in the pants’ they needed to take care of the basics.

Making things and showing them to people comes naturally to Chanel. Previously, she was an Interactive Strategist and Program Manager with leading creative agencies, producing digital experiences for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Microsoft, Tom's of Maine, and Starbucks. Her roots are in the arts and non-profit world, with film and documentary work, contemporary arts center launches, management of non-profit organizations and even spent a year as an adventure travel guide.

When not talking about death, you can find Chanel wildly enjoying her life in Seattle with her son Gabriel and stepdaughter Lyric. In her (passionately guarded) spare time, you might find her running, planning a surf trip, throwing a party, checking out a new restaurant, zipping around town on her Vespa or heads down writing her first book.

Connect with Chanel online: Website | Facebook | Twitter