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Corinne Alavekios

Award winning photographer and fine art print maker Corinne Alavekios, internationally renowned and best known for her passion and determination in this field. After a life changing circumstance, she took news of a medical adversity and turned it into triumph with a new profession and return to love of photography that she embraced since she was 14 years of age. Corinne believes she is portraying life unfolding. Her artistic vision, sensitivity and fluidity as a natural portrait artist has made her an internationally sought after photographer since the mid 1990's. She owns and operates a successful portrait fine art studio and gallery along side her husband, and two Golden Retrievers. Corinne is an international speaker and educator. She successfully holds workshops in their studio and abroad. Corinne has a love for creating the fine art print and working with the studios clientele. "I believe in Passion and inspiration as a way of living. I believe in capturing the dramatics of the moment. Spirit and essence of ones life. The natural beauty of an individual personality in an image. I believe that every fleeting moment must be lived to its fullest. Today can be made timeless. Moments collected, moments reflected upon, forever and a day."