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Courtney Dailey

As a Beauty photographer, Courtney Dailey knows the business of beauty. Based in Los Angeles, she leads teams of beauty experts creating images from prep to post. Known for her use of color, she delivers imagery that is colorful, dramatic and confident. She feels all images should communicate concepts, stories or evoke feelings. Starting her career in Michigan as a makeup artist, Courtney has always believed photography and makeup should have no rules. "They are a combination of imagination, creation, and practiced technique". This point of view has allowed Courtney to see Beauty from all perspectives. Receiving her B.A. in Communications from Oakland University, she has the ability to help her clients oversee projects from Concept/Creation/Post-production. In the Fall of 2012, Courtney began mentoring and joined Sandy Puc on her Hands On Tour. Finding a love for helping others avoid the traps she fell into, she is currently a mentor who works with the Chic Critique, Clicking Moms and various other educational websites. The Huffington Post and Womens Health Magazine have featured Courtney as a green Photography innovator. Since her arrival in Los Angeles, Courtney has shot for numerous international magazines, campaigns and celebrities. She was recently featured in Allure, Cosmo, Elle and Vanidades and and was chosen as one of FJ Westcott Lighting’s “Top 50 Professionals”.