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Giselle Chow

Giselle Chow designs, leads, and facilitates group and institutional change processes as a Senior Consultant at the Grove Consultants International, based in the historic Presidio in San Francisco. Her area of practice and expertise is graphic facilitation; the creation of large-scale drawings and graphics in real time that enable participants to see their work, identify patterns, and make connections. Her work is informed by appreciative inquiry, narrative theory, and participatory decision-making. She is particularly interested in what can occur when groups of disparate thinkers are engaged in complex work, searching for alignment and possible solutions. Giselle also has extensive experience in teaching, learning, and school leadership, and worked for over a decade in the area of school access, equity, and inclusion. In addition to spending an inordinate amount of time thinking and dreaming about markers, Giselle can always be engaged in conversations about seasonal fruit and produce or how to go about making the perfect cup of coffee.