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Inna Semenyuk

Inna is a marketing strategist, Snapchat creator and influencer who helps brands tell their story on Snapchat. She’s the founder of, the only professional blog about the best-kept Snapchat secrets for brands, and InnavationLabs, a marketing agency based in San Francisco.

Inna previously worked with Facebook, Skype, eBay, Calm meditation app, Starbucks, NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting, Visa, and many other exciting companies. She hosted Snapchat takeovers for Startup Grind, Women in Tech, Hackapreneur. As an influencer, Inna was selected by Nike as brand ambassador in the UK encouraging women to run more, as well as was part of Reebok’s Perfect Never campaign with Gigi Hadid. She collaborated with Google, Virgin Mobile,, lululemon, SoulCycle, and others.

A former TV journalist and PR professional, Inna has a Bachelor Degree in journalism and Public Relations from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MBA from Imperial College London. She is also an alumna of Singularity University and SingularityU San Francisco Chapter Founder.

Inna an avid traveller who loves getting outdoors and meditating to find her calm in the busy life.