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Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson is a writer, speaker, and co- founder of a number of initiatives dedicated to the legacy of her father, Sir Ken Robinson. These include the SKR Legacy Collective Fund, to celebrate and remember Sir Ken and continue his legacy through projects around the themes of education, environment, and culture; and Imagine if . . . , a nonprofit inspired by Sir Ken’s passionate advocacy of human potential that culminates each year in a weeklong festival. She was the founding Editor in Chief and Head of
Strategic Operations of HundrED, a Finnish-based initiative designed to seek and share the most inspiring innovations in education globally. She’s also a patron of Action for Children’s Arts and House of Imagina- tion, as well as a board member at MindUp and codirector of Nevergrey; a company that works with organizations and individuals driven by social purpose. Her passion lies in engaging youth voice, and she was awarded a thought leadership award for Outstanding Contribution to Education Empowerment.