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Kevin Gilbert

Kevin T Gilbert is an award-winning photojournalist, teacher, entrepreneur, and digital photography evangelist based in Washington State.  He has recently been added to the Panasonic Lumix Luminary team. 

For over 30 years, Kevin has been shooting news and features of the world, from the White House to halls of Capitol Hill, Super Bowls to Superpower Summits, from the mud of the Kentucky horse tracks to the back lot sets of TV’s biggest reality shows.  

Kevin has been elected 5 times as President of the White House News Photographers Association and won over 40 awards in the annual Eyes of History photo contests.  During his time on the streets of DC, he has photographed four sitting Presidents, as well as two fictional Presidents during a stint shooting on The West Wing television show for NBC. 

In 1997, Kevin teamed up with reality television super-producer Mark Burnett, and has shot over 20 television productions including The Apprentice, Eco-Challenge, The Contender, Rock Star INXS, and others.   He complimented his reality television work, becoming the first contract still photographer Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and TLC, shooting stills all around the world. 

Kevin has shot over two million digital files since his early days in digital on the Presidential campaign of 1996.  He has shot in 70 countries and shot and tested over 150 digital cameras. 

A leading voice for the power and emotion of photography, Kevin is the founder, of Blue Pixel, one of the country’s most influential digital creative groups, and consults for the biggest names in retail, computers, software and camera manufacturing.  He also leads a national initiative called PhotoCoaches™, teaching people to take better pictures, tell interesting stories, and enjoy the happiness of taking pictures 

In 2012, Kevin helped form Mylio and is the Memory Evangelist, teaching and speaking all over the world about the importance of safeguarding our digital lives for prosperity.  Everyday he meets someone who needs to save and find their pictures! 

Kevin can always be found having fun with cameras, helping others to achieve success in photography, chasing the light, and enjoying the moment, one frame at a time. 

Kevin lives in Redmond, WA with his wife and PhotoCoaches™ partner Jamie Schander and their 2-year-old daughter  (and main unpaid model) Viola Grace.

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