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Multiple Adobe Photoshop Instructors

Multiple Adobe Photoshop Instructors

About Daniel Walter Scott:
Daniel has been a media designer for more than 15 years and has been teaching just as long. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and speaker at the annual Adobe Max conference. Having taught thousands of students both online and in person, Daniel knows exactly what it takes to make a course fun and engaging. His unique style of teaching is certainly going to help you take your skills to the next level.

About Kirk Nelson:
Collaborating with artists, technologists, and many others in branding and design groups, I've seen the power of an intentional, considered process. Take this branding course to understand how an integrated process can inform your design work and lead to better branding programs for your clients. This branding course will teach you how to understand the spirit of a brand and how to create design programs that instill this feeling into all consumer touch-points as a brand identity system. Once you’ve taken this class you will know how to create a full identity system for a brand. This is a complete visual world that a brand requires to create communication coming from the spirit of the brand. This brand image-making usually starts with a symbol or logotype that represents the brand but extends to typography, color, photography, pattern, verbal communication and all consumer touchpoints of the brand. Over this course you will understand how to use these elements together to have all aspects of the brand working in unison for the most impact. In addition to relevant examples, I will also share a recent project that I’ve completed which can shed light on the entire process from brief to ideation, creative process and launch to create a new branding program. I’ll be going doing an overview of branding, touching on the key components in a larger program to illustrate what you can achieve in your branding projects.