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Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a world renowned author, filmmaker, and lecturer who has spent the past 2 decades studying meditation and Qi Gong (inner energy yoga). He spent 4 years training as a Taoist monk and is an ordained Taoist Priest and Hospitaller Knight. He is also a reputable Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Pedram is known for his down to earth approach to stress management. Not everybody can go sit in a temple for a few months, so how can we apply the principles of the ancients here in our busy lives? How can we find balance in the modern world without dropping out of it?

That's where this course comes in. Ten years in the making, this course was designed as a response to the countless patients complaining of too little time and too much stress. This course excels in empowering people to wake up, attain more energy and personal power, and take ownership of their lives.