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The Power of Body Language

This is very very useful and practical! I am so glad I bought this class; it really is my missing ingredient in life! Thank you Vanessa for teaching this. I think this could save my career.
Things you'll learn here are priceless. Worth it 100%!

— Marie Camille Angluben


Become an Engaging Presenter

Andrew is a most engaging presenter who provides very thoughtful ideas, that are totally pertinent to all my presenting disasters!!! Thanks, Andrew! peace, xs

— Susanne Lorraine Harford


Heroic Public Speaking

It is truly impressive to watch the students improve under the guidance of the instructors.

— Larry


Become a Better and Funnier Speaker

David Nihill's class effectively broke down the fundamentals of comedy and how to make it work in a speech or presentation. You will never be bored while watching this, and you will be able to see the common elements of the best stand up routines, TED talks and speeches. Very well done.

— Stanley Lee