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A Brand Called You

Talk about INSPIRED. Debbie is all about real talk.She is the firm but loving mentor I wish I had in grad school when I was trying to figure out my future. Even now after I have 'figured it out', I still found this class to be an extremely interesting set of ideals that will change the way I approach others in my work space. Can't recommend this class enough.

— Lt. Cmnd. Data


Command the Fees You Deserve

All I can say is that this is sooooo much more than just commanding the fees I deserve - it’s EVERYTHING I’ve come to believe I need to reboot my design business (or find something else to do that’s related?), which has been in the dumps for way too long. The depth and breadth of your advice and information is staggering. I cannot thank you enough.

— Todd Dawson


Becoming a Successful Freelancer

I recently lost my full-time graphic design job, unexpectedly. I am one of the "jump into the deep-end" freelancers (i.e. I need income NOW and the job market where I live sucks), so finding this course has been perfect timing. I've wanted to make the shift from "employee" to "freelancer" for awhile now, and this class is going to definitely help me make that happen. Thanks, Arianna!

— Kathryn


How to Design a Proposal

Super helpful process driven and succinct; Orland's CL proposal class will be especially useful for newly minted freelancers who want to understand the ins and out, the process of making proposals.

— a CreativeLive Student


Mock-Up Your Designs to Impress Clients

This was a great class for beginners or current designers who want to expand their current skill set. Khara has a great way of breaking things down and is inspiring to watch! Highly recommend!!

— Julie Addison