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Wedding Photography Starter Kit

Honestly, I thought this was a great and pretty informative, all-encompassing course. Great for beginners, but even as a slightly more seasoned photographer, I found a lot of this super helpful. Much of it wasn't news to me, but a lot of it I found just hasn't been on my radar recently. I think it's always a good idea to return to basics every now and then. There is always more to learn, and I feel I can definitely learn from someone with a great deal more experience than myself.

— Laura Bellamy


The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience

This course is a must have in your arsenal of online lessons. I have learned so much and I know I will continue to learn every time I watch the different lessons. Jasmine is the real deal and she put herself out there for us all to learn from. Highly recommend this course.

— Karen


Posing 101: Couples, Weddings and Families

Lindsay Adler's Posing class gave me tons of confidence going into my first wedding shoot. Posing was one of the aspects I didn't have a lot of experience in, but this class is so clear and helpful that I managed some great creatively posed shots on the day!

— Ginny Koppenhol


From Capture to Print

Rocco clearly knows the process in detail and is able to share it in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Any one of the many tips and tricks I picked up in this class would have made it worthwhile, but the class closes with examples and images that are truly inspirational and a reminder of what photography should be about.

— Jeph DeLorme