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Fast Songwriting in Ableton Live

Very cool course. I was able to put to use many of the techniques Isaac has developed immediately. I'm taking his mixing course now and I'm finding it very useful too. Thanks Isaac!! You rock! or Electronic!!

— James Jones


FL Studio Synthesis Master Class

Great insight especially into technical topics about audio fundamentals. SeamlessR takes these basica principles as most of us know it in the context of conventional music mixing, then bends them, exploits them and bends them to his whims and fancy, just because he can! It makes us think again about everything we know, and suddenly a whole world of possibilities opens up right in front of your eyes!

— Patrick Woo


Fundamentals of Mixing Rock & EDM

I just want to say I have watched a lot of the tutorials on the creative live site, all dealing with audio. And I was so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Jesse. This guy walks the walk and talks the talk. Anyone who is an engineer or who wants to become and engineer this is a treasure chest of knowledge.

— a CreativeLive Student