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Manners @ Work: Ultimate Guide to Professional Etiquette

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Most of us learn the basics of good manners as children: keep your elbows off the table, hold the door open for others, and always say please and thank you. But following the rules of proper etiquette becomes more complicated as we get older, especially when it comes to our professional lives.

Poor manners in the workplace can lead to problems with coworkers and superiors and threaten your career success. Whereas good manners—and the improved social skills that come with them—help you form positive relationships and achieve your professional goals.

This comprehensive series of eight courses will define professional etiquette, teach fundamental manners and strategic personal skills for improving business relationships, and identify the most obvious mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Manners@Work is taught by renowned author, teacher and speaker Daniel Post Senning, the great-great grandson of legendary etiquette expert Emily Post. Daniel is the co-author of “Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th edition” and “The Etiquette Advantage in Business, 3rd edition,” as well as the author of “Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online.” He conducts seminars and delivers speeches around the world, and has worked with companies such as Emirates Airlines, The Peninsula Hotels, Barclay’s Financial and GEICO.

This series will teach you how to:

  • Build strong relationships at work.
  • Be more considerate to your colleagues.
  • Dress for success and build your personal brand.
  • Meet and greet coworkers and clients.
  • Develop strong communication skills.
  • Socialize while also being professional.
  • Become a better coworker.
  • Rise to the top with powerful people skills.



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