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Advanced Adobe Lightroom 5 Workflow

with Jared Platt

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  •   01 Hard Drive Management and Backup Strategy


Class duration: 15h 20m

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About The Class

make your workflow efficient.

Ready for a whole new approach to your post-production workflow? Join CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt for the ultimate three-day introduction to everything you need to know about working with Adobe®Lightroom® 5 (and beyond) to make your workflow efficient.

You’ll learn a basic, seamless Adobe Lightroom 5 workflow, and also how to customize that workflow to fit your specific needs — whether you’re outsourcing, taking pictures on the go, or working in a studio setting. Jared will cover ways to select and retouch images more productively. You’ll also learn about automating settings, plugins, and hacks that will help you work more efficiently. Jared will also guide you through the core image adjustment techniques every Adobe® Lightroom® user should know.

Jared will give you a step by step look at his entire workflow, start to finish. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver higher-quality images and products while cutting your post-production time in half.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Hard Drive Management and Backup Strategy

  2. 02

    Smart File Management

  3. 03

    File Management Q&A

  4. 04

    Library Workflow and Syncing Time Stamps

  5. 05

    Rules for Selecting Images

  6. 06

    Keywording Techniques with Q&A

  7. 07

    Adobe Lightroom 5 Advancements

  8. 08

    Adobe Lightroom Presets

  9. 09

    Advanced Sync Techniques

  10. 10

    Camera Defaults and Calibrations

  11. 11

    Archive and Delivery

  12. 12

    Archiving the Job with Q&A

  13. 13

    Small Catalog Workflow and Templates

  14. 14

    Traveler Workflow and Smart Previews

  15. 15

    Outsourced Workflow Part 1

  16. 16

    Outsourced Workflow Part 2

  17. 17

    Interview with Jared Bauman

  18. 18

    Retouch Workflow Part 1

  19. 19

    Retouch Workflow Part 2

  20. 20

    Roundtrip Workflow Part 1

  21. 21

    Roundtrip Workflow Part 2

  22. 22

    Big Studio Workflow

  23. 23

    Web Proofing Workflow

  24. 24

    In Studio Proofing with Adobe Lightroom

  25. 25

    In Studio Proofing with Pro Select

  26. 26

    Introduction to Video

  27. 27

    Editing Video in Adobe Lightroom

  28. 28

    Adobe Lightroom Movies and Slideshows

  29. 29

    Album Workflow and Publishing Services

  30. 30

    Designing Albums Fast Part 1

  31. 31

    Designing Albums Fast Part 2

  32. 32

    Adobe Lightroom Q&A with Demonstration Part 1

  33. 33

    Adobe Lightroom Q&A with Demonstration Part 2


Meet Your Expert

Jared Platt

Jared Platt is a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Jared holds a Masters of Fine Arts in the Photographic Studies and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University and has been a professional ... read more

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  • pdf Making a Sync Box
  • pdf Schematics
  • pdf Presets Made on CreativeLive
  • pdf Working Files - Images
  • pdf Course Schedule
  • pdf Great Deals
  • zip ShootDotEdit Catalog Template

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    April 2014

    Jared is the best. Really, his class was absolutely awesome. He can teach you everything with an ease and you will not want to leave your computer untill you see the whole class. I am so happy I purchased this class, it was the best investment! Than you Jared for such a brilliant classes you bring to us.

  • Creativelive Student

    March 2014

    It takes a lot of devotion to spend so many hours in front of the computer but I found myself not able to leave the monitor. Thank you Jared Platt and Creative Live for providing this quality education and information. We also get the bonus of seeing beautiful images during the sessions. Jared is a wonderfully clear teacher. His extensive experience both behind the camera and in processing digital photography is so very evident in all that he covers in his seminars. I'm looking forward to the next time.

  • jane


    March 2014

    I believe that this man has saved my life, or at the very least returned my life me. So many wonderful tips and time savers. I had never realized how much time I wasted at the computer for no good reason. He is funny, easy to listen too, and he explains in a way that can be understood. If you could only purchase one course, this is it! I attended WPPI and Jared's Platform Class and at the end I wanted more so thank you Creative Live for have him.

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