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From Capture to Print

with Rocco Ancora

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   03 Demystifying Color Management

  •   05 Best Color Space to Work In


Class duration: 8h 34m

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About The Class

Print your images as art

To be able to see and hold a photograph you’ve taken can be a powerful experience, especially if the image looks exactly as you envisioned when clicking the shutter. International photographer and master printer Rocco Ancora joins CreativeLive to show how to capture and edit your image so that it translates perfectly to print. Whether printing on your own or using a third-party printing service, Rocco will have you confident in everything from calibrating your monitor to choosing the right paper for your product.

In this class you’ll learn how to: 

  • Pre-visualize your print before you capture the image 
  • Learn how to keep the print in mind during a live photo shoot
  • Techniques for calibrating your monitor 
  • Color management policies in Adobe Lightroom CC 
  • Manipulate your image in Adobe Photoshop CC 
  • Choose the right paper for your print 
  • Print through Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe® Photoshop CC or a lab
  • Print for an album 

Knowing how to understand color and how that translates from a digital file to a print is essential to selling your prints, albums or creating art for your home. Join Rocco Ancora and CreativeLive to simplify your print workflow while enhancing your end product.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Advantages & Pitfalls of Printing

  3. 03

    Demystifying Color Management

  4. 04

    Understanding Bit Depth

  5. 05

    Best Color Space to Work In

  6. 06

    Importance of Image Capture

  7. 07

    Live Shoot: Natural Light

  8. 08

    Live Shoot: Studio Lights

  9. 09

    Why Calibrate Your Monitor?

  10. 10

    Choosing the Right Monitor

  11. 11

    Calibrating a Monitor

  12. 12

    Color Management Policies in Lightroom

  13. 13

    Color Management Policies in Photoshop

  14. 14

    Color Management Policies in Camera RAW

  15. 15

    Luminosity Masks in Photoshop with the Print in Mind

  16. 16

    Shape the Image in Photoshop with the Print in Mind

  17. 17

    Edit Skin in Photoshop with the Print in Mind

  18. 18

    Black & White Conversions in Photoshop

  19. 19

    Retouch Skin in Photoshop to Optimize the Print

  20. 20

    Dodging & Burning in Photoshop for Black & White Images

  21. 21

    Split Tone Color in Photoshop for Black & White Images

  22. 22

    Gradient Maps in Photoshop for Black & White Images

  23. 23

    Choose the Right Paper

  24. 24

    Mechanics of Printing

  25. 25

    Choose the Right Printer

  26. 26

    Live Demo: Create Custom Paper Profile

  27. 27

    Scale Images with the Print in Mind

  28. 28

    Sharpening Workflows in Photoshop

  29. 29

    Soft Proofing an Image in Photoshop

  30. 30

    Print Through Lightroom

  31. 31

    The Importance of a Print

  32. 32

    GraphiStudio Albums and Prints

  33. 33

    Best Practices for Printing

  34. 34

    Power of the Print: Student Engagement


Meet Your Expert

Rocco Ancora

Named as one of the Top Ten Photographers in the world by the iconic photography magazine American Photo, Rocco’s poetic imagery continues to evolve with his mastery of light and the ability to capture the human connection. Rocco’s distinctive style is classical and romantic; his imagery is exquisitely imbued with evocative lighting and composition it’s a look and feeling that Rocco strives for. ... read more

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  • zip Rocco's Printer Evaluation Files
  • atn Color & Luminosity Seperation Action

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Roberto Valenzuela

    Roberto Valenzuela

    April 2017

    I honestly consider many courses to be great, but optional. However, this course by Rocco Ancora is a MUST! It helps the photographer complete the circle of being a photographic artist. Our job doesn't end at the edit, it ends with the print. When your clients can hold and enjoy your creative vision physically, that is when the magic of being a photographer happens. I have been so fortunate to travel the world teaching and meeting some of the best photographers in the world. That being said, I can say with confidence that nobody can teach this combination of Photoshop retouching / fine-art printing better than Rocco Ancora. I believe in this class so much, I traveled to Seattle to attend this course to be part of the live studio audience. I have never done that before. But that's how important I consider this material to be. I am so happy I took the time to go and learn from the man himself. Now, I will get this course to watch it, dissect it, study it, and practice it. Very excited to see how the knowledge in this course will propel my career further. --Roberto Valenzuela

  • Creativelive Student

    March 2017

    I was fortunate enough to attend this class in person and got to experience Rocco's prints in person. The quality is absolutely breathtaking and a game changer, Learning these skills will really help my business in a number of ways. In the past, I have had a difficult time convincing clients to purchase typical lab prints through my studio, as opposed to buying them through Walmart or Costco where the quality was "close enough." Rocco's method that he shared in this class creates three dimensional images of unmatched quality and images that just jump off the page. The knowledge from this course will empower me to help run a sustainable business and thrive as a photographer. You would be foolish to not learn these methods and incorporate them into your business. Highly Recommend!!

  • April S.

    April S.

    March 2017

    I have invested time into learning Lightroom and Photoshop, my own gear, and my particular photographic style, but the one thing I am really lacking is a solid understanding about preparing an image for print, and the various print options (e.g., paper types). When I saw this course come up on the CL schedule it caught my eye immediately so I RSVP'd for the live broadcast. I was at work when it started and couldn't watch at that time. I do listen in from work sometimes, but after 2 minutes of listening to this course I realized it was one I really needed to watch closely and focus on. So, I stopped the stream after a couple minutes and bought the course. I have never done that before. I always wait and watch as much as I can in the initial broadcast (or rebroadcast) to decide if a course is one that I really should spend for. I knew right away though that Rocco was presenting the very information I was lacking and needed, and I wanted it! In addition, it was clear to me after looking him up online that he's a consummate professional with lots of experience and his delivery style even in just the couple of minutes that I listened reflected that. I already have X-rite ColorMunki Display and Colorchecker, a good monitor, and I have a photo printer (Canon Pixma Pro-100) but I'm lacking that technical understanding of color and know I'm not using my resources to their fullest. I use my Canon Pixma to test-print images before uploading to the print service I use. My method isn't ideal since the service uses different printers and ink, and paper depending on what I choose, but at least I have a much better idea of what my image file will give me in print form. After Rocco's course I believe I will be much better equipped to prepare my images and choose the options best suited to each image. I'll still test print if only because it's fun to see something on paper, but I expect the results I get from the print service to be much better once I really know how to put this knowledge to work for me.

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