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Advanced Lighting for Adventure Photography

with Michael Clark

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  •   04 Pre-Production and Pre-Visualizing


Class duration: 10h 19m

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About The Class

Capture the Action with Red Bull Photography

How do you freeze action, create motion blur and showcase the strength and style of athletes? When you introduce artificial light into your adventure photography, the opportunities are endless! It’s easier than it looks, and once you master the technical aspects, lighting on location can unlock tremendous opportunity for capturing portraits and action.

Red Bull Photographer, Michael Clark, joins CreativeLive to break down the barriers that are keeping you from letting your photography stand out. In this course, he’ll cover the basics of gear, incorporating flash, finding unique perspective and so much more.

Through demonstrations in the field, Michael will work with incredible athletes in a variety of lighting scenarios to show how to capture the heart of a sport and the spirit of an athlete. If you’re looking to make your mark in the world of action or sports photography, this course is a necessity in making your work compete with the best in the industry.

Michael will cover everything:

  • Location Scouting for your camera and your lights
  • Packing and gear tips for various locations
  • Scouting the best point of view to capture action
  • Safety and considerations for working with athletes
  • Strobes vs. Speedlights
  • When to use High Speed Sync, Hi-Sync (HS) or Leaf Shutters with your flash
  • Getting into the business of adventure photography
  • Creating tension in your photos

Michael will be working with professional athletes like trail runner Dylan Bowman, cyclist Tim Johnson, and incredible rock climbers to give you a rare and one-of-a-kind look into the world of adventure photography.

Submit your work to the Student Gallery for a chance at feedback from two of the best adventure photographers in the world, Michael Clark, and Chase Jarvis. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Evolution with Lighting

  3. 03

    Why Use Artificial Lighting?

  4. 04

    Pre-Production and Pre-Visualizing

  5. 05

    Equipment: Overview of the Gear

  6. 06

    Equipment: Selecting the Right Gear

  7. 07

    Strobes vs. Speedlights

  8. 08

    Lighting 101: Flash Sync Speeds

  9. 09

    Lighting 101: Flash Basics

  10. 10

    High-Speed Sync (HSS) vs. Hi-Sync (HS) vs. HyperSync vs. Leaf Shutter

  11. 11

    Gear Requirements for Hi-Sync (HS)

  12. 12

    Flash Exposure

  13. 13

    Pre-production and Location Scouting for Rock Climbing

  14. 14

    Gear on Location: Rock Climbing

  15. 15

    Rock Climbing Photography 101

  16. 16

    Rock Climber: Environmental Portrait

  17. 17

    Finding the Shot

  18. 18

    Capturing the Action: Rock Climbing

  19. 19

    Shooting at High Angle: Rock Climber

  20. 20

    Digital Workflow: Overview

  21. 21

    Editing and Post-Processing of Rock Climbing images

  22. 22

    Cyclocross Photography 101

  23. 23

    Location Scouting for Cyclocross

  24. 24

    Gear on Location: Cyclocross

  25. 25

    Intro to the Cyclocross Rider

  26. 26

    Capturing Action: Motion Blur

  27. 27

    Communication with Athletes

  28. 28

    Variations of the Shot

  29. 29

    Cyclocross & Trail Runner Portraits

  30. 30

    Location Scouting & Planning the Shot

  31. 31

    Capturing the Action: Lighting Set Up for Trail Running

  32. 32

    Editing and Post-Processing of Cyclocross Images

  33. 33

    Editing and Post-Processing of Trail Running Images

  34. 34

    The Business of Adventure Photography

  35. 35

    Image Critique with Chase Jarvis


Meet Your Expert

Michael Clark

Michael Clark is an internationally published outdoor photographer specializing in adventure sports, travel, and landscape photography. He produces intense, raw images of athletes pushing their sports to the limit and has risked life and limb on a variety of assignments to bring back stunning images of rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, big-wave surfers and mountain bikers in remote locations around the world.  ... read more

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  • pdf Chapter 2: ABCs of Lighting by Michael Clark
  • pdf Advanced Lighting Keynote PDF - Day 1
  • pdf Advanced Lighting Keynote PDF - Day 2

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • norah levine

    July 2017

    This is a course that I could watch repeatedly and be able to learn something new each time. Michael is a truly an expert in his field and is so generous with his knowledge. This course really breaks down the process of adventure photography, but it's more than that. I don't think you need to even be an adventure sports photographer to get tons out of this course. Michael is really good at breaking down some very complicated technology. Thank you!

  • Creativelive Student

    July 2017

    Great course that combines the technical aspects of shooting with light in different situations, with the art of making a great image of athletes. Michael is a great teacher and I'm sure his lessons will continue to help guide over and over again!

  • Jeph DeLorme

    Jeph DeLorme

    July 2017

    Great class with dozens of tips, ideas and lighting strategies for tough outdoor lighting challenges. Advanced class taught in a way that allows even a beginner to get a handle on lighting tough situations. The location videos provide real life examples that make this class a definite must have for my Creative Live collection. Thank you Michael Clark and Creative Live! Jeph DeLorme

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