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Marketing Your Photography Business

with Sal Cincotta

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  •   01 Introduction

  •   04 Brand Awareness


Class duration: 13h 59m

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About The Class

grow your photography business.

Learn actionable and affordable marketing strategies you can use to help grow your business from Sal Cincotta in Marketing Your Photography Business.

In this class, you’ll learn how to generate more site traffic and prospective customers though easy-to-implement digital marketing techniques. Sal will show you how a combination of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) and search engine optimization (SEO) can attract leads to your site. He also show you how to build a marketable portfolio that impresses potential clients once they arrive on your page. You’ll also learn how to determine if your marketing plan is working, and how to fix it if it's not.

This course is great for both beginning photographers and established studios. The basic strategies provide a good fundamentals refresher for established studios, and the more advanced information gives less-established photographers a roadmap for the future. There will be advice for ANY genre of photography marketing.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01


  2. 02

    The Big Picture

  3. 03

    Psychology of the Sale

  4. 04

    Brand Awareness

    Sal explains why the value of advertising can’t be measured strictly in terms of the number of clients you book.

  5. 05

    Blogging and Social Media

  6. 06

    Beginning and Advanced SEO

  7. 07

    The Role of Facebook

  8. 08

    Facebook Data and Management Tools

  9. 09

    Building Your Portfolio

  10. 10

    Finding the Right Client

  11. 11

    The Path to Success

  12. 12

    Marketing on a Budget

  13. 13

    Advanced Marketing

  14. 14

    Selling the Experience

  15. 15

    Becoming More Than a Photographer

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Goals and Objectives

  18. 18

    Targeting Niche Markets: Weddings

  19. 19

    Targeting Niche Markets: Seniors

  20. 20

    Targeting Niche Markets: Glamour

  21. 21

    Targeting Niche Markets: Families

  22. 22

    30 Day Plan

  23. 23

    60/90/1 Year Plan

  24. 24

    SWOT Analysis


Meet Your Expert

Sal Cincotta

Sal is an award winning photographer, author, and wppi platform speaker.Sal is one of the most sought after business consultants in our industry, helping studios and photographers take their businesses to the next level.In 2007, gross sales were less than ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Top 10 Objections for Sales
  • pdf Bride Groom Blog Questions
  • pdf Setting Client Expectations
  • pdf SWOT Analysis
  • pdf Facebook Template Instructions
  • pdf Sal Presentation
  • pdf Facebook Template Fonts
  • pdf 5 Facebook Templates
  • pdf Workflow

89% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Shoot2Thrill


    December 2016

    I'm currently a business owner in another industry. The business is financally successful, highly respected and the envy of our competitors. In order to market the business how I visualised our brand/customer, I learned how to take a photograph! I then feel in love with photography... I can completely relate to the concepts Sal is offering. This is fantastic advise many of which I have implemented in my own business. It's amazing how this advise can easily transfer to marketing any business or product. Unless like I had done you want to find the time to read countless books on the subject of business marketing, learn from trial and error, then simply fast-track years ahead and buy this course. It's a no-brainer! If only CL had been around when I had literally fought my way through setting up my business I would have found success a lot earlier. Sal's passion, drive, creativity and determination is what he can't teach you however. You are gonna have to do it your own way! Good luck to you all and Happy New Year.

  • Creativelive Student

    April 2013

    I have been taking Workshops all over the world these past two years. Once CreativeLive was introduced to me I began trying to absorb all the free information and taking notes. You do not always review your pages of notes so it is wonderful to have a video library. Within one hour with Sal I realized he was providing so much information that I just went ahead and bought the course. Happy to have it to refer to and feel that I have a mentor who I will be checking in with. Great teacher, funny and entertaining.. Well worth $99..thank you Sal.

  • Creativelive Student

    April 2013

    All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! Well actually there's more. My husband is USC Ulumni, business major and sat in for 45 minutes of day 2 while I was watching and couldn't get away. He was so impressed he told me to buy the course now and listen to it 3 times. He said this guy knows what he's talking about. Says a lot coming from him. Sal, you are amazing and I am so excited to learn everything from this course and I'm already sold on getting your other course as well. Thanks Sal and Creative Live!!!

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